5 Little Monsters: July 2014

Free Crochet Pattern- Anchor Baby Hats

 I made up a couple of baby hats the other day that I thought I would share. I was trying to think of something a little more boyish, sometimes is seems harder to make cute baby boy stuff than it is to make cute stuff for little girls. Flowers and bows are great for girls but what do you do for a little boy. I have made sports hats (footballs, basketballs, football helmets, etc.) and some little animals like bears or owls, but I wanted something different this time. These little nautical style hats with anchors on them are what I came up with.

Free Crochet Pattern- Crochet Mannequin Heads

One thing that I like to crochet is hats, especially baby hats. I don't always have a baby the right size to try the hats on to to take pictures so I thought it would be nice to have some kind of mannequin head to use. I decided to try crocheting one, first I looked on Ravelry to see if someone had already made a pattern for them but I didn't find anything there so I decided to make up my own. I thought I would share the patterns that I came up with in case anyone else would like to try making one fro themselves. I was trying to make a newborn size but my first attempt was a little bit to big. It is more like a 3-6 month size. I then made a slightly smaller one to get a newborn size. I will share both sizes today. I will most likely eventually make other sizes but for now these are the sizes that I have

Recent Crochet Projects

I have a few things things in the works to post here including a free crochet pattern, but I thought that in the meantime I would post some of the things that I have made recently. I haven't had a lot of time to work on stuff lately, summer seems to be such a busy time, but I have crocheted a few things.

To start off I have a crocheted giraffe that I made using this pattern. The pattern is for a striped giraffe but I chose to make it solid yellow with a white nose area,  I'm not sure what to call that part, and tan hooves and horn things. Also, the pattern has only eyes and a mouth but I chose to add the nostrils too. One change that I made to the actual pattern is to make the horns shorter. I noticed as I looked at the pattern that they seemed really long. I honestly don't remember how much I shorter I made them, just until they looked right to me, I think it was maybe around three rows shorter.