5 Little Monsters: Friday Freebies Roundup: 10 Free Embroidery Patterns

Friday Freebies Roundup: 10 Free Embroidery Patterns

One thing that I really enjoy looking at on other craft blogs that I read are the free pattern roundups that so many blogs do. I have been thinking for awhile about starting one on my blog and today I am finally doing it. I plan to post a roundup of 10 free patterns occasionally on Fridays. I am calling it Friday Freebies and I hope to share free patterns that I find for a variety of different crafts, sewing, crochet, embroidery, knitting, free printables, etc. Because I just shared a free embroidery pattern earlier this week I decided to start by sharing some free embroidery patterns that I found. So without further ado here are the patterns. You can click on the title or the picture to go to the websites where you can find the patterns.

1. Do Small Things With Great Love

This cute little embroidery is from Nana Company. You will find a lot of other cute things there as well.

2. Sewing Sayings Embroidery Pattern 

Earlier this week I posted a pattern that I made to hang above my sewing table. This is another embroidery pattern that would be good to decorated a sewing room.

A nice simple alphabet from Feeling Stitchy. I think this could be cute made into something for a nursery or playroom. 

These are also designed by Nana Company and there is a link in the post to Wee Brown Bunny as well. They would be perfect for a little Easter project.

This embroidery pattern is from Flamingo Toes. Check out the embroidery section and you will find lots of cute patterns. This was one of my favorites because I have always loved maps. I also really like her chalkboard style Christmas embroideries but I didn't want to post them since it isn't even close to Christmas time. 

This one is really simple but would be a fun way to use up some pretty buttons. I have had a lot of buttons handed down to me from my husband's grandmas and some of them would be perfect for a project like this. 

If you are looking for something flowery this pattern would be a great one to try.

This might be one of my favorite embroideries that I found. I love the use of all of the different stitches. It looks like it would be a fun and pretty way to try lots of different stitches. 


I had to include this pattern from Pink Samurai when I saw it. My husband is a big Doctor Who fan so when I saw the free TARDIS I couldn't leave it off. There is a set of Doctor Who patterns on this site that are for sale, this is the only free one, but there are a lot of non Doctor Who free patterns that you can check out.

This website, Wild Olive, has a ton of free embroidery patterns. I chose to include this one because Easter is coming up. There are patterns for several holidays as well as many non-holiday patterns.

That is it for my first free pattern roundup. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe found some new ideas. I look forward to putting together some more over the next few weeks. 

Don't forget to check out my free embroidery patterns, in case you missed them here are the links:

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