5 Little Monsters: August 2015

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This week has been so crazy with two kids having started school last week, and two more starting on two different days this week. Adjusting to all of the new schedules now that we have four kids going to two different schools at three different times has been interesting. Hopefully now that the first crazy week is over we can start to get in a routine and I will have a little more time to focus on my blog but this week I just haven't been able to spend much time blogging. I have a few finished projects that I need to post about, and I will soon, but tonight's post is not a new project. I just wanted to pop on here really quick  and share some news.

Back to School Crocheted Apples

Free pattern for crocheted apples, perfect for back to school, teacher gifts, or play food collections

Our first first day of school of the year was yesterday. My two oldest started yesterday, another will start preschool next monday, and another will start kindergarten next Wednesday leaving me with only one kid at home. Needless to say we have been in back to school mode around here. I wanted to make something to post today in honor of school starting and one thing that I always think says "back to school" is apples. Apples are something that we connect to school, and teachers, as well as this time of year, late summer/early fall. So I thought what better to make to celebrate the first day of school than a crocheted apple. These are apples that you could give to your teacher that won't ever go bad.

Pop of Color Pillow

The pop of color pillow made with colorful half square triangle will brighten up any room

My latest project over on the Fairfield World site is up today. I made another pillow, this time a quilted pillow cover made with colorful half square triangles. I used 8 solid colored fabrics to make a bright, colorful pillow that can add a "pop of color" to any room in your house. Head over to the Fairfield World site to find out how to make your own.

You can find the tutorial HERE

TARDIS Pencil Bag

free pattern for a TARDIS pencil bag a perfect back to school craft for any Doctor Who fan

Today I am over on The Geeky Mormon blog sharing another pencil bag pattern. The first crocheted pencil bag that I made was the Ninja Turtle one that I originally shared on that site last year. This year I decided to make a TARDIS pencil bag, unfortunately it is not bigger on the inside but it can still hold quite a few pencils, or whatever else you decide to put in there.

Crocheted Owl Pencil Bag on Craftaholics Anonymous

Today I am sharing another variation of the basic crocheted pencil bag over on Craftaholics Anonymous. This time it is a Crocheted Owl Pencil Bag. It is the basic bag with a couple of color changes in the middle and then some big round eyes and a beak sewn on. Some little ear tassels finish it off. Crocheted owl hats are probably the thing I have gotten the most requests to make so when I thought of ways to make the basic a little more fun an owl just seemed like an obvious one to make.

Crocheted Monster Pencil Bag

Last week I shared my basic crocheted pencil bag and mentioned that there would be some fun variations over the next few weeks. Today I am sharing the first of those variations, the Crocheted Monster Pencil Bag. I figured a monster was appropriate since my blog is called 5 Little Monsters.

Easy Fabric Bookmarks- Kids Sewing Project

I have a little girl who has been begging me to teach her to sew for a while now. I started her with some simple embroidery but she got bored with that pretty quick. She really wants to learn to sew with the sewing machine. I have been trying to come up with something that would be really easy for her to make for her first try at the machine. I thought of lots of really simple projects that are just sewing straight lines for the seams, things like skirts or pillowcases. But for her first project I wanted something where she wasn't sewing seams so that if her seam allowance wasn't even it wasn't a big deal. That might come from the fact that the first thing that I remember sewing was a quilt and my seam allowances were kind of all over the place, sometimes way too close to the edge, so the first time through the wash it started to fall apart.