5 Little Monsters: Knitsy Magazine Feature

Knitsy Magazine Feature

This week has been so crazy with two kids having started school last week, and two more starting on two different days this week. Adjusting to all of the new schedules now that we have four kids going to two different schools at three different times has been interesting. Hopefully now that the first crazy week is over we can start to get in a routine and I will have a little more time to focus on my blog but this week I just haven't been able to spend much time blogging. I have a few finished projects that I need to post about, and I will soon, but tonight's post is not a new project. I just wanted to pop on here really quick  and share some news.

One of my patterns, my Triangles and Stripes Baby Blanket, was featured in this month's Knitsy magazine. Knitsy is an interactive digital magazine that you can get through the Knitsy app or online on the My Craft Academy website. This month's issue is free so you should go check it out. It is full of knit and crochet patterns that all have some sort of geometric design. If you like knit and crochet magazines it is worth taking a look at.

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