5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Ghost

Crocheted Ghost

When it comes to Halloween I am much more of a cute, fun, kid friendly kind of person. I have never been into really scary stuff and definitely not gory, gross stuff. It's just not my thing. Each month I have the opportunity to make a couple of projects to share on the Fairfield World website. This month I wanted to make something for Halloween and I wanted it to be something crocheted. I played around with a few ideas before coming up with this little ghost. I thought he turned out pretty cute, hopefully you like him as well.

I made my ghost with cotton yarn, safety eyes and a tiny scrap of felt. You could use any similar weight yarn, cotton was just what I had in white, and the safety eyes could be replaced with felt as well. He is about 6 inches tall.

You can find the pattern HERE.