5 Little Monsters: Boxy Monkey

Boxy Monkey

About a year ago I posted a pattern for Boxy Fox. People seemed to like it so I decided to do a little set. I ended up making a trio of woodland type animals, a fox, an owl, and a bear. They still tend to be some of my more popular patterns so for quite a while I have been thinking about doing another set of animals and I finally decided to do it. So without further ado meet the newest member of the boxy family, Boxy Monkey.

I am planning to do either a jungle or African theme with this set. I have some ideas of what I am going to do for the next two animals but haven't decided for sure yet, I am debating between a couple different ones trying to decide which to do. So if you have any requests for animals that fit in that theme let me know.

All of the boxy animals are made in a similar way, a rectangular base and a boxy shape. Arms, legs, and tails are crocheted into the body, while some other parts like ears and parts of the face are sewn on separately. I always add a little pouch of weighted stuffing beads into the base before stuffing just to give it some weight on the bottom to help it sit up. For the monkey, just like the others, the arms legs and tail are crocheted into the body. For the tail I added some wire inside to made it bendy. That may not be the best idea if you plan on using it as a toy for a small child but otherwise it is kind of a fun addition. A face section is sewn on later and safety eyes are attached. The ears are sewn onto the side of the head rather than the top like the other animals.

If you would like the free pattern for Boxy Monkey just head over to Fairfield World where you can find it as well as the other Boxy Animals.

Boxy Monkey Pattern

Boxy Bear Pattern

Boxy Owl Pattern

Boxy Fox Pattern


  1. What a cute little guy! We love monkeys at our house and I think my daughter would be so excited if I made one of these for her.

  2. How cute. I have yet to try making crochet stuffed animals, I am inspired.