5 Little Monsters: Pokeball Pillow

Pokeball Pillow

Pokemon Go is super popular right now and our house is not immune to the obsession. Our boys where already really in to Pokemon before the game thanks to the show on Netflix so of course when the game came out they both wanted to try it out. Now the obsession has reached a new level.  My 6 year old spouts a constant stream of Pokemon facts that he has memorized from the Pokemon books that he is always reading, both boys always want our phones anytime we are out of the house. We get asked pretty much everyday if we can go on walks to catch Pokemon and hatch eggs. I know some people absolutely hate the app but we have had a lot of fun just watching the boys get excited about each new Pokemon that they find and going on walks as a family. As a result when Fairfield World asked if anyone would like to make a Pokemon themed project I decided to make one. Honestly, I had already been thinking about some things that I could make, this just gave me an opportunity to do it.

Fairfield World makes pillow inserts in lots of different shapes including a round ball. That was a shape I had never tried before but it was perfect for this project. I used the 12 inch size, I think it comes in 12 inch or 10 inch. To make my ball I crocheted the 2 halves separately and then sewed them together and added the circle appliqué to the front.

You can find the free Pokeball Pillow pattern on the Fairfield World site.

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