5 Little Monsters: Rounds and Ridges Crochet Pillow

Rounds and Ridges Crochet Pillow

Recently, well for several months now I guess, it seems like everyone in the crochet community has been obsessed with the new striped cake yarns, and now every brand is coming out with there own version. It started with Caron Cakes, then Premier Sweet Rolls, now there is Lion Brand Mandala and Bernat Pop and there may be even more but those are the ones that I know of. When they first came out I was pretty skeptical. I am not typically a huge fan of sudden color changes and to be honest, I didn't really love many of the original color combinations. I kind of thought it was way over hyped and I didn't feel like it was something I had much of a desire to try. But then I started feeling like they were such a big deal that I wasn't sure I could be taken seriously as a crochet blogger if I didn't have at least one Caron Cake or Sweet Roll project on my blog. I picked up a couple of Caron Cakes at Michaels and I was actually pleasantly surprised. The color changes didn't look bad and it was kind of fun to see the stripes appear. I am making a blanket with that yarn for my daughter, she picked out the color, and it has kind of been my project to work on between other projects so it isn't done yet. Here is a little sneak peek...

Fast forward a week or two and I was trying to figure out what to make for my next Fairfield World project. I kind of wanted to make something that had green in it for St. Patrick's Day but I was having a really hard time coming up with an idea. I had some pillow inserts that I could use but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I ran into JoAnn's to pick up some stuff I needed for another project and I saw the Sweet Rolls there (and they happened to be on sale) and decided I would pick up a couple to make my project. I grabbed the Wasabi Pop colorway even though it probably isn't the color I would normally have chosen and there were other colors I probably liked a little better but I thought that with the green in it it would work for St. Patricks Day but neutral enough that it would still work after. Once I finish my Caron Cakes project I want to do a comparision type review of the different yarns, I might try Mandala and Pop too and compare all of them to see what the differences and similarities are between all of them.

I decided to make a round pillow and I wanted to keep it simple but still add something that would give it some visual interest so I decided to use back post stitches to create ridges coming out like spokes from the center of the pillow. I finished it off with a reverse single crochet border around the outside.

You can find the Rounds and Ridges Crochet Pillow pattern on FairfieldWorld.com

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