5 Little Monsters: Princess Craft Party

Princess Craft Party

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One of my girls recently had a birthday and my mom invited her to have a sleepover party with her girl cousins. My grandma happened to be visiting and we thought it would be a good way for all of the little girls to spend some time with their great grandma. I wanted to come up with something that the girls could do that would be fun for all of them and since my daughter loves making things I thought a little craft party would be fun. I decided to go with a princess theme and found some little projects that I thought would be good for a group of girls ranging in age from 3-13 to make. 

I wanted some projects that would be easy enough for the littlest girls but still something the oldest would enjoy. One of the first things I thought of was finding a painting project. I thought a little box would be cute. I looked on Oriental Trading and found little boxes that were perfect for what I had in mind. I cut a bunch of little crowns out of glitter vinyl for the girls to stick on the top of their boxes after they painted them. I found some cute little flower bowls that I thought would be fun for the girls to paint as well. Then I found a couple of little jewlery projects, I thought the pony bead princess necklace was a little young for the oldest of the cousins but it was perfect for the littler girls. 

I also ordered some foam crowns with stickers to decorate. These were kind of a last minute addition because again, I thought that they may be a little young for the oldest girls, but they were actually a really big hit. The girls all had fun decorating thier crowns and my girls wore them everywhere they went for several days after the party. It was fun to see the different personalitites come out as they decorated their crowns. One of the girls was determined to fill her crown with as many stickers as possible and others were so careful and precise about where they put their stickers. 

My favorite thing were the bags that I made for each of the girls. I ordered some plain white canvas bags and made a design to iron on each bag. Each bag had a crown with the girl's name and Daughter of a King below the name. I thought that this would fit with the princess theme of the party without being too little girlish. I absolutely loved the way the bags turned out. I used glitter and foil iron on in gold and silver for the crowns and the words at the bottom and then used other colors for the names. The foil and glitter iron on was perfect for the bags, sparkly and shiny just like a princess bag should be.

Before the party I filled each girls bag with one unfinished wood box, one flower dish, one necklace kit, and one ring kit. Each girl got the bag with their name on it filled with craft projects. I set out the paints, vinyl crown stickers, and paintbrushes on the table for them to use. I didn't add the crowns to their bags because I wanted to let them pick their own color so I just kept those separate until it was time to make them.

 We started out with the painting projects which I think they all really enjoyed. The littlest girls definitely needed some help but they all did pretty good. They seemed to like the jewelry as well, however if I were to do it again for the ages of girls I probably would not do the rings. They would be good for older girls but there were a few minutes where it seemed like every few seconds I was hearing the sound of beads scattering and hitting the floor. Luckily I had extras so we were able to replace some missing pieces but that is the one thing I would probably leave out. The pony bead necklaces were not as bad since both the string and the beads were bigger and easier for little fingers. After the painting and jewelry making was finished we set out the crowns and stickers and let them decorate thier crowns. Those were easy enough for them to all do themselves so that gave me a chance to get the paint and everything cleaned up.

Besides the beads going everywhere it turned out to be a fun little party, perfect for a creative little girl who loves to make things. I liked the fact that the party favors that each of the girls got to bring home were things that they made, along with a bag that they could keep and use.

Here is everything I used for our princess craft party:

Party Prep:

The biggest thing I had to get ready before the party were the bags. This is the design that I used, although you would need to change the names. The crown was one I found in Design Space and I made it about 6 inches across. To create the names I used the font Elizabeth and then I adjusted the letters so they looked the way I wanted and welded them. The names were all around 2.5" tall although I adjusted each one to fit in the space so they weren't all exactly the same size. I cut out the designs and ironed them onto the bags. 

The other cutting that I had to do was the vinyl crown stickers. They are in the same file I linked to above. I made them 2.5" across and just over 1" tall. I had a pack of glitter vinyl that came in 5 different colors and I could fit 4 crowns in a strip across the vinyl so I cut 4 crowns out of each of the 5 colors of glitter vinyl. That was way more than I needed but I figured that way there were plenty to choose from even if several girls wanted the same color. 

Like I mentioned before, once the bags were done I just put one of each of the projects in each bag and that was pretty much all I needed to do. When we got over to my parents we just covered the table, set out the paints and brushes, and set one of the bags at each spot. Then when the girls came everything was ready for them to get started. 

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