5 Little Monsters: Personalized Water Bottles

Personalized Water Bottles

Summer Camp Season is in full swing at our house. Our kids have day camps through their school as well as through a community center and so far we have had a camp of some kind every week since school got out. This week our 4 oldest have all had camp. Next week it will be Cub Scout day camp for our 8 year old. They need to bring water bottles with them each time whether for lunch or just to have with them throughout the day, and with lots of kids at the camps everything needs to be labeled with their names.

It seemed like every morning there was at least one kid that didn't have a bottle, or couldn't find their bottle, or they were using throwaway bottles and we ran out, or some other issue. I finally decided to just get a new water bottle for each kid. I picked some up at the dollar store. They had lots of different varieties but I chose the taller straw version. I picked up 4 all in different colors, a different color for each kid. But then I brought them home and decided to personalize them even further. 

I almost didn't post these because it was such a simple project. It was cheap, and hardly took any time to make but my kids were really excited about them, especially the girls, so I figured maybe it was worth sharing. I just quickly typed up each of their names in Design Space, changed the fonts, added images to the girls, and cut them out. 

I used Cricut's Outdoor Premium Vinyl since it is a little more heavy duty. I thought it would stay on better through multiple washings and use. The only thing that was a little bit tricky was the shape of the bottles. Not only are the bottles round but they are curved in in the middle as well. I found it was easiest to lay down the middle first and smooth out from the sides. That way everything laid nice and flat and smooth. 

Like I said, it was a super simple and cheap project, I already had the vinyl on hand, left over from another project. All I had to buy were the water bottles and since I got them from the dollar store they were only $1 each. It only took a few minutes to make them and the kids were really excited when they woke up and saw their water bottles with their names on them. Perfect for summer camps, trips, school, or even just around the house. 

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