5 Little Monsters: Buffalo Check Believe Sign

Buffalo Check Believe Sign

A couple of months ago I ordered some red and black buffalo check vinyl from Cricut, thinking that it would be fun for Christmas projects. I am starting to work on more Christmas crafts and finally had the chance to pull it out and use it on something.

I wanted to make a sign that said Believe and decided that it was a perfect opportunity to use it. I am not 100% sure about the paint colors I chose but I think the buffalo check vinyl looks really cool.

I bought an unfinished wood sign at Michaels and painted it. It has a raised frame around the edge so I painted/stained that a different color than the inside. Then, after my paint had dried, I added the vinyl to the center of the board.

I made this a few days ago, after a week of non-stop Halloween activities and kids on a sugar high. I put the kids in bed one night and decided that I NEEDED some crafting time. Sometimes sitting down to make something is just the relaxing, therapeutic thing that I need to be able to keep going and this is the perfect kind of project for times like that. It was really easy to make, didn't take long minus the drying time (and I just set it aside while I worked on another craft project then came back to it), and is something that I can put up in my house this Christmas. I love the feeling of finishing something pretty after a crazy or rough day, or week in this case.

How to Make a Buffalo Check Believe Sign

You will need:

Start by painting your plaque. I painted the outside frame section first. I let that dry for a few minutes then I used some washi tape that I had in my craft supplies to tape around the inside edge of the frame so that I could paint the inner part without getting paint on the frame. You could also use painters tape for this.

Set the wood plaque aside to dry. 

Cut and weed your design.

Apply transfer tape to your design and peel away backing.

Place on the dry sign and press in place. There are hangers on the back of the sign so make sure you put the vinyl on with the right side up. Remove transfer tape.

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