5 Little Monsters: The Aspen Cowl

The Aspen Cowl

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Earlier this week I shared a new hat pattern, The Aspen Hat, and today I am sharing the matching cowl pattern. I am excited to be sharing this pattern as part of ELK Studio's Make it for Me event. Check it out to find lots of fun projects for you.

Just like the matching hat, this cowl is made out of super bulky weight yarn, Lion Brand's Hometown USA. Since it is made with thick yarn it works up really fast.

This makes it a really great project to make when you want something you can finish really quick. The stitch used is the sedge stitch, which is one of my favorite stitches. I love the texture it gives to the hat and cowl.

And when it is worked in the super bulky yarn it turns out so soft and squishy. Perfect for cold January days.

Find the Aspen Cowl on Ravelry HERE

How to Crochet The Aspen Cowl

You will need:

The cowl is worked flat and seamed at the end. The [sc, hdc, dc] stitches are always worked in the sc of the row below. 

ch 14

Row 1: (sc, hdc, dc) in first ch, skip next 2 ch, [(sc, hdc, dc) in next ch, skip next 2 ch] repeat to the end working only a sc in the last stitch (4 sc, hdc, dc)

Row 2: ch 1, turn,  (sc, hdc, dc) in first stitch (sc from previous row), skip next 2 stitches, [(sc, hdc, dc) in next stitch, skip next 2 stitches] repeat to the end working only a sc in the last stitch (4 sc, hdc, dc)

Repeat Row 2 until you have 33 rows, or reach the length you want (if you make it longer than 33 rows you make need more yarn)

Finish off, leaving a long tail for sewing, stitch short ends together, weave in tails



  1. I have no chunky yarn but was wondering if I could substitute 2 strands of regular 4 ply yarn?

  2. I don't think that 2 strands would equal the super bulky yarn, probably more like 3. Either way you could make it work thought. The stitch pattern starts with a chain that is a multiple of 3+2, if you are using thinner yarn I would start with a longer chain. So add a multiple of 3, you could do 17 or 20 or 23, or more. Then work the stitch pattern until you have the length that you want. Again, if you are working with thinner yarn you will need to make more rows than the pattern but you can just keep working until the length is right, then stitch the ends together.