5 Little Monsters: Glitter Coasters

Glitter Coasters

-All products used in this project provided by Plaid, this post may contain affiliate links-

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Snap Conference, a creative blogger conference. I wrote more about that in my last post, but one of my favorite things there was the Plaid Lounge.

Plaid Crafts was one of the sponsors and they had a room set up with tables in the center to sit and paint. Along the wall were tables filled with lots of different kinds of paint, surfaces, brushes, everything you need to make something.

It was a nice break from classes, and  fun to try out different paints and glazes. I made a little zipper pouch with fabric paints, painted a pot using the new shimmery Dragonfly Glaze, and made a set of coasters. the coasters are the project I wanted to share today. 

To make these coasters I used a pack of wooden coasters, and a combination of Folkart acrylic paint and Glitterific. I had some Glitterific at home but hadn't really used it very much. When I saw the coasters I knew I wanted to make some glittered coasters. The bright neon colors seemed so fun for a spring/summer project.

They were a really fun, quick project and really easy to make. The Glitterific has a clear base with colored glitter (really big chunks of glitter that look so pretty on your project). So because the base has no color I chose coordinating colors of paint as a base coat, then put the glitter on top. I used the new Mod Podge Ultra to seal the finished coasters.

How to Make Glitter Coasters

You will need:

First paint all of your coasters white. You may want to do a couple coats, I did 2. 

Next add a strip of tape across the coaster, pressing the edges to secure well. I did mine all random so none of them are the same angle or size. 

Paint 1 coat of acrylic in the color you want for each coaster. Set aside for a few minutes to dry.

Add the glitterific paint on top of the coordinating colors. Just kind of plop it on and use your brush to scoot it into place, keep adding more until you are happy with the coverage. 

Peel off the tape. Let the coasters dry.

Spray a coat of Mod Podge Ultra to seal the coasters. 

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