5 Little Monsters: Home Sweet Home Block

Home Sweet Home Block

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I have had this little house shaped block sitting in my craft supplies for months after I picked it up at Michaels. It is actually supposed to be a birdhouse but I thought it would be cute with "Home Sweet Home" or some other home themed saying on it. I brought it home and set it in my wood shapes bin and kind of forgot about it.

Then a few days ago my daughter found it and asked if she could have it, because my girls are always going through my painting stuff looking for things to paint. I told her she couldn't have it and decided it was time to pull it out and finish the project that I had planned.

I started by painting the little wood block white. I used chalk paint, but acrylic craft paint would also work, it just may need a couple coats.

Then I cut the design I had created out using my Cricut. I thought when I made the design that I had some darker green vinyl and I was a little disappointed when I found that I didn't. I would have preferred a darker color but went with what I had. After the fact I thought that I should have just stenciled the vine part on the block. Oh well, I am still pretty happy with how it turned out.

One thing I like to do when I am cutting a small design in more than one color is to cut it on one mat. To do this you just need to cut pieces of vinyl (or use scraps) a little larger than the parts of the design that will be cut out of each. Then either change all of the pieces to the same color so they end up on the same mat, or on the cutting screen you can click on the 3 little dots in the corner which will give an option to move to another mat. Once you have them on the same mat move them so that they are placed on the mat where the vinyl is. This way you don't have to change colors and reload.

Then it is just a matter of transferring the design over to the little block and you have a cute little decoration, perfect for adding to a mantle or shelf.

How to Make a Home Sweet Home Block

You will need:


Begin by painting your wood block so that you can let it dry before adding the vinyl. 

Cut out your design. Weed. Use transfer tape to transfer the design to the block.

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