5 Little Monsters: Idea Journal with Vinyl Decal

Idea Journal with Vinyl Decal

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With all of the back to school prep for kids I thought I would make something for myself too. As much as I love using technology for keeping track of things, I am definitely a pencil and paper person for some things. Especially when it comes to ideas and brainstorming.

I love having a little notebook that I use to write down ideas for projects, and sketch out designs. I also like to keep a notebook nearby as I am designing new patterns so I can write down the pattern as I make it.

I thought it would be fun to add a little bit of vinyl to a journal type notebook that I could use for this purpose. I like the journal size of book because it is small enough to carry with me, I can throw in my purse or project bag, but not so tiny that it feels too small and cramped.

I found this one at Walmart in their school supply section. Any blank notebook or journal will work as long as it has a fairly smooth cover. I have seen people use iron on for leather type journals, but for this one I thought regular adhesive vinyl was a better option because the heat would probably have melted the cover. I chose gold and silver to go with the dark purple of my notebook.

I found a design in Design Space that I thought would work well. I wanted something with "create" or "dream" or "ideas" so this one the that said "Dream and Create" worked perfectly. There are a lot of options to choose from, or you can create your own.

How to Make an Idea Journal with Vinyl Decal

You will need:


Open Design Space File. Resize if needed.

Cut image out of vinyl. I added both parts of the design to one mat and cut a small piece of each gold and silver, then placed them on the mat and adjusted the designs to cut out of the correct colors. 

Use transfer tape to place the images on the notebook. 

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