5 Little Monsters: Vinyl Notebook Subject Labels

Vinyl Notebook Subject Labels

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I know some people have already started back to school, and those that haven't will be soon. Mine start back in a little over a week. Since we are in the final days of summer break I have had school supplies and back to school shopping on my mind.

I picked up a couple of blank notebooks the other day and thought I would add some cute subject labels that I cut out of vinyl using my Cricut.

These were super quick and easy to make and I just made a couple of examples but you could easily customize them for your subjects and style.

I chose a fun font and added simple pictures to go along with the subject. The font (Confetti Sprinkles) and images I used are all part of Cricut Access, so they are free with a monthly subscription. I cut each one out of white vinyl and added them to the front of notebooks with poly covers.

You could use any font you want, a pretty script font would be nice, or a simple block font. You could also use different colors instead of white, something like holographic or foil would be fun.

How to Make Vinyl Subject Labels for Notebooks

You will need:


The first thing you will need to do is create your labels. You can find the designs I used HERE

To make your own open Design Space and type in the word you want. Choose a font and make any spacing adjustments that are needed.

If you want to add images you can find lots of simple line designs in Design Space that worked perfectly for this project. I just typed in either the subject "Science" or "Math" to see what came up and chose an image I liked, or if I had something more specific in mind I typed that, for example "pencil". On your canvas position the images and text the way you want it on your notebook and attach the text and image. 

Cut the designs out of vinyl and weed the cut designs. 

Use transfer tape to place labels on the notebook covers. 

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