5 Little Monsters: Toddler Skeleton Shirt

Toddler Skeleton Shirt

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I have a 3 year old who has been obsessed with Halloween lately. He has been talking for at least the past month about what he wants to dress up as, and it changed on an almost daily basis. We have heard everything from Batman, and Catboy, to a vampire, Chewbacca or the Hulk. Now that Halloween decorations have started coming out in stores he has gotten even more excited.

After he saw some Halloween shirts at the store I thought it would be fun to make him some. We picked up a couple of plain shirts and I came up with a few different designs. I let him pick which one he wanted me to make first and he picked the skeleton with candy in its tummy.

He was so excited to make his Halloween shirt and wanted to help me with every step. He "helped" by giving me the different colors of iron on and handing me pieces as it was time to press them. We may have had a close call with one of the bones and a pair of scissors but luckily I caught him before he actually cut it.

I created the design in Cricut Design Space and sized it to fit on the 3T shirt that I bought. Because the design is a whole shirt design you will need to measure your shirt and resize it accordingly. When determining the size I mainly focused on the height and width of the main body section, but resized them all together so the stayed proportionate.

It turned out super cute and fun, perfect for a toddler or little kid excited for Halloween. Ben's favorite part is the candy in his tummy.

How to Make a Toddler Skeleton Shirt

You will need:


Resize if needed. I measured the front of my shirt and determined the widest I would want the design to be, then I measured the shirt from the neck to the hem and decided how tall I wanted the design. Then I resized the whole design at the same time, while it was grouped together, watching the measurement of the pelvis and the height of the body section to get it as close to the predetermined measurements as possible. Double check that the arm bones will also fit on the sleeves. 

Cut out the design, mirroring each mat. Weed the iron on. 

Next it is time to press. Start with the main body section. 

Press the body (ribcage section) onto the front of the shirt. Let cool slightly, then peel of plastic protective sheet. 

Lay out the candy to determine placement and then press one color at a time, or trim plastic so there is no overlap. Before pressing the candy layer, cover the bones with the plastic that you peeled off after pressing or use a protective sheet (do not press directly on the white iron on).

Once you have the candy all pressed it is time to add the arm bones to the sleeves. 

There are 2 longer bones and 2 shorter, I put the long bones on top and short on the bottom. It probably doesn't matter, just make sure both sleeves are the same. Lay the shirt so the sleeve is flattened (so they are on the front of the sleeve) and put the bones on where you want them, press in place. Peel off the plastic sheet and you are done. 

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