5 Little Monsters: Trick or Treat Pumpkin Shirt

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Shirt

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My three year old is obsessed with Halloween. He loves seeing all of the Halloween stuff in stores. A couple of weeks ago he saw some shirts in the store and I decided I needed to make him some Halloween shirts.

I made a few different designs and let him pick the ones he wanted me to make. The first one he picked was a skeleton shirt, which we made and shared here a couple of weeks ago. The other one he liked was this pumpkin shirt.

He wanted a pumpkin, or more specifically a Jack-O-Lantern, on a shirt, I think because it is such a Halloween thing. I wanted a little more than just a pumpkin on the front, although he probably would have been fine with that, so I added some words.

I started with "Trick or Treat" and the pumpkin, but I couldn't resist adding a "smell my feet" underneath. I think this design would also work really well on a trick or treat bag.

He was super happy with his pumpkin shirt. I really love being able to make things like this for my kids so quickly and easily and see how much they love them.

How to Make a Trick or Treat Pumpkin Shirt 

You will need:


Cut out your iron on on the Everyday Iron On setting. Don't forget to mirror your design.

Press each piece onto your shirt, make sure that each time you press all of your iron on is covered by protective sheets. I laid everything out to determine placement, then I started with the pumpkin since it is the largest piece. Then I add the stem and the words. 

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