5 Little Monsters: Easy Cards with Cricut Joy

Easy Cards with Cricut Joy

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With the kids home all day I have been trying to find lots of ways to keep them busy and entertained. My girls especially like doing arts and crafts type projects, either kids crafts or helping me with projects I am working on.

A few months ago before the Cricut Joy was even announced to the public I had the opportunity to go to an influencer event where they showed us the new machine. One of the first thoughts that I had is that it would be an awesome first machine for young crafters. I knew it would be a fun way to let my kids craft using a Cricut.

One of the cool things you can make with the Cricut Joy is the Insert Cards. I thought they would be fun for my kids too, because they are so simple to do. I let my 8 year old help and she loved it, everything from picking out the design to putting the card on the mat and loading it into the machine, then adding the insert at the end.

She chose cards to make for teachers, family, and friends. Each one she made she had someone in mind. Since we can't really get out and see friends, cousins, grandparents, and even teachers, making cards to send to them was a fun way for her to stay connected.

There are so many different designs to choose from, thank you cards, birthdays, cards for new babies and weddings, cards for every holiday, and cards just because.

I have never been much of a card maker, but these quick insert cards make it so easy to make handmade cards for every occasion.

How to Make Easy Cards with Cricut Joy

You will need:


Search in the projects tab for Cricut Joy Insert Cards and choose the design you want.

Choose the card and insert you want to use. If you have multiple packs of cards you can mix and match inserts.

Peel the protective plastic off of your card mat and place the card on the mat, sliding the back of the card under the plastic layer.

On cut screen select the card mat and 4.25"x5.5" size (these will probably be the default settings).

Cut the design and remove from mat. Make sure that all of the cut out pieces are removed.

Add the insert into the corner cutouts of the card.

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