5 Little Monsters: Craft Room Labels with Cricut Joy Smart Labels

Craft Room Labels with Cricut Joy Smart Labels

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I have kind of been a little MIA lately, mostly because doing online school with 5 kids in 3 schools with multiple teachers, platforms and expectations has kind of been kicking my butt. My kids are done with school this week and we have turned in most of their stuff already, all we have left is teacher parades and online awards ceremonies so as far as I'm concerned, we made it! And I couldn't be happier about that.

Another thing that was kind of holding me back was the fact that my craft room was kind of a disaster. I have a tendency to put my craft space as kind of the last priority in my house because it is my space and no one else really uses it, but I was finding myself pretty unmotivated when I would go to make stuff because I had lots of stuff out in piles, not put away, or even just not organized in a functional way.

I decided it was time for that to change so this week I have tackled my craft room. My craft room isn't exactly a Pinterest worthy room like you see a lot of bloggers have, with pretty shelves where everything is displayed in rainbow order. It is half of the back half of our family room in our basement with bookshelves and a folding table. But it is my space and as much as I would love that Pinterest craft room someday, I am happy to have what I have.

My storage mostly consists of plastic shoeboxes and fabric bins on a couple big bookshelves. I have always tried to have the boxes and bins pretty organized, but it was time for a little shuffling and reorganizing in order to make sure everything had a place. In the process I decided it would be awfully nice to have everything labeled so I could see right away exactly what was in each box.

I thought it was the perfect project to try out my new Cricut Joy with the Smart Label Vinyl. I had the opportunity to try out the Smart Label at an event I went to back in January and I thought it was pretty cool. It feels like vinyl but you can write on it and it doesn't smear or wipe off.

Since you probably don't have your craft supplies organized in exactly the same way I do I will share the labels I used and step by step how to create the exact labels to fit your needs, rather than sharing my completed file that you would need to change most of anyway. It is super easy though, and one of the things I love most about Cricut crafts, it is so easy to customize and make a project work for you.

How to Make Craft Room Labels with Cricut Joy Smart Labels

You will need:


The first thing you will need to do is design your tags. I used two label designs available in Design Space as part of Cricut Access:

But there are a ton of different label designs available or you can even just create your own with simple shapes. I chose the more rectangular shapes to go on my plastic shoeboxes, and the circle designs to go on my larger fabric bins.

Once you have your labels shapes/designs chosen you will want to resize them to the size you need. I went with 2.5" for both shapes of labels. I felt like this was both a good size for my containers and utilized the space on the Smart Label material well. 

Now add your text. Choose a writing font for your text. An easy way to do this is to filter your fonts for writing, this will only show those fonts that have a writing style. I chose Straight & Simple. 

Type up the word that you want on your label and resize it to fit your label. 

You want to center the word on your label and to get it centered perfectly I like to use the align tool. Select both your label and your text, then click align. For the rectangle tag I chose center (which centers both horizontally and vertically). But because of the design on the circle tag I placed it where I wanted it vertically, slightly above the line design, then when I aligned it I chose center horizontally. 

Select both the label and text again and Attach.

Repeat until you have all of the labels you need. 

When you are ready to cut out your labels make sure you have Joy selected as your machine. Then click Make It.

Select without a mat for how you will load your materials. 

I noticed that if I had a longer length selected it would place the labels in a way that took up the entire length (at first mine was 52"), but if you type in a shorter length it will move them around and turn them to fit (I ended up using only about 35"). 

You will use the pen first and then cut, but design space will prompt you with which tool you need and when it is time to change. 

Once the Joy writes and cuts all of your labels all that is left is to peel and stick. 

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