5 Little Monsters: Mermaid Water Cup

Mermaid Water Cup

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I used to be a pretty good water drinker but lately I feel like I have not been drinking as much as I should, which is not a good thing because not drinking enough water tends to trigger migraines for me. I always feel like I am better about drinking water if I have a cup or bottle I can fill up and take around the house with me throughout the day.

I had a cup that I was using until it got broken a few weeks ago and I didn't replace it right away. I noticed myself drinking a lot less water and decided it was time to get a new lidded straw cup or water bottle. I picked up an inexpensive straw tumbler at Walmart from their summer section. They had some with tropical designs but I chose the plainest one I could find, which happened to be a turquoise blue color with some tiny bubbles inside, a perfect blank canvas for adding a vinyl decal.

The blue color along with the little bubbles made me think of water (like ocean water, not drinking water) so I decided a mermaid design would be fun and go well with the coloring of the cup.

I designed an image that says "can't be a mermaid without water" with a mermaid tail splashing into the water next to it.

I chose to use blue holographic vinyl that shifts from a turquoise blue similar to the color of the cup to a darker purple-blue. It went perfectly with the mermaid theme and adds another fun element to the cup.

How to Make a Mermaid Water Cup

You will need:


Resize the design as needed to fit your cup or bottle. Mine was a 24 oz. tumbler so it was pretty large, a lot of tumblers I have seen are only 16 oz. so they will be smaller, bottles also typically have a straighter, narrower shape so if using either of those you may want to make the design a little smaller. 

Once you have the right size you are ready to cut the design. 

After you cut, weed your design, then apply transfer tape to the design.

Use the transfer tape to transfer the design to the cup. 

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