5 Little Monsters: Personalized Face Masks with Iron On

Personalized Face Masks with Iron On

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Our local school districts and governor have been announcing plans for going back to school this fall, and part of going back to school means masks for kids. Which means we need to make sure we have plenty of masks in the house for the kids to wear everyday and to be able to wash them regularly. 

I made masks for the whole family a while ago but most of the kids each only had one, and really, they hardly ever went anywhere where they used them. With school starting soon one mask each was definitely not going to be enough. I planned on making some more, but I also considered buying some plain ones that we could decorate in different ways. 

I actually ordered a pack of plain white cotton masks for a project I will share in another post, but then while we were at Walmart picking up some groceries we found some plain black and white cotton masks and grabbed a couple packages. They were cheaper than the ones I had ordered and I didn't have to wait for them to ship. 

However, we knew we weren't going to just leave them plain black and white for 2 different reasons. 1- if you have to wear a mask you might as well make it fun and decorate them. And 2- if they are plain black and white it will be harder to tell them apart both at home and at school. I wanted my kids masks to look different that everyone else's so they can always tell them apart. 

I cut out small symbols from favorite movies, books, bands, and characters. Then I used my EasyPress Mini, which was the perfect size for this project, and iron them on. For the most part I put them in the corners or along the side so they weren't right in front of the face, although one is right in the middle. I just wanted to make sure there was plenty of breathability and not a big piece of vinyl covering the mouth. 

I made some geeky masks with superhero, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. Then I also made some for my daughter who is obsessed with BTS. The fun thing is you can really make them to fit any personality or favorite thing. I used logos and symbols, but you could just as easily add a little shape of anything your child is into, a unicorn, a cat, a dinosaur. Even just add their name, initials, or monogram. There are so many ways you could personalize your masks or your child's to make them unique. 

How to Make Personalized Masks with Iron On

You will need:


The first step in making your personalized mask is deciding on the design you want to add. Because I mostly did logos/symbols I found the images I wanted and then uploaded them into Design Space. If you are using a more generic image, or even with some licensed images you can find them in Design Space. Most of the licensed images will cost, usually about $1.99, but once you buy it it is yours to use over and over. Other images may be free, or they may cost, but with a Cricut Access subscription tons of (not licensed) images and fonts are included. 

If you are uploading your image you will need to find the image you want to use and save it on your computer, or device you are using. Then click on upload image, select your image and use the tools to remove any parts you don't want (backgrounds, etc.). Then save and add it to your canvas. I made a video a few years ago showing how to do this. Design Space has been updated since then so some of the things look a little different but the process is still pretty much the same. 

Resize to fit your mask. You will want to measure the mask you are using and decided how big you want the image to be. Mine were mostly in the 1 1/2"-2" range. 

Cut the image out of iron on. Don't forget to mirror, especially if there are words or it is not symmetrical design (sometimes it doesn't matter because it will look the same mirrored or not, but other times it will make your design backwards if you forget to mirror).

Press the design onto the mask. The mini EasyPress works great for this because it's small size is perfect for the small masks. I used the medium setting and moved the iron around while I pressed until it was completely adhered. 

Peel off the plastic transfer sheet and enjoy your new mask. 

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