5 Little Monsters: Favorite Crocheted Hats for Fall and Winter

Favorite Crocheted Hats for Fall and Winter

 Fall is finally here and I am so ready for the cooler weather. One of my favorite things to make and wear in the fall and winter is crocheted hats, and I have some favorite patterns that I love to use.

A few years ago I made my Bead Stitch Hat, which had alternating rounds of half double crochet in the third loop and bead stitch. I loved the contrast in textures and it became one of my favorite hats ever. I got the idea from knitted hats I saw everywhere that had stripes of contrasting texture and wanted to kind of create a similar contrast with crochet stitches. Since then I have played around with that basic pattern and switched out the bead stitch for different stitches, or changed the number of rounds of each stitch, to make different patterns. I love using different stitches to create texture, and these hat patterns are some of my favorite ways to do that. 

All of the hats in this roundup use the Half Double Crochet in the Third Loop in different ways, if you aren't familiar with this stitch I have a video tutorial you can watch to see exactly how it works.

Favorite Crochet Hats

Bead Stitch Hat 

I figured the Bead Stitch Hat had to be first on the list since it is the one that sort of inspired all of the rest on the list. It alternates between three rounds of half double crochet in the third loop and one round of bead stitch. Like all of the hats on this list it is finished with a post stitch ribbing. 

Child Size Bead Stitch Hat

After seeing how popular the Bead Stitch Hat was I decided to make a child and toddler size version. It has the same stitches just a little smaller size. This pattern comes in 3 additional sizes, slouchy child size which is good for older kids or if you want a little extra slouchiness and length in the hat, child size which is fitted closer to the head more like a beanie, and toddler size. 

Crossed Doubles Hat

In this version I kept the 3 rounds of half double crochet, but switched out the bead stitch for crossed double crochet stitches. Like the others it is finished with a faux fur Pom Pom on top and a post stitch ribbing along the bottom. 

Crossover Crochet Hat

The Crossover Hat follows the same stitch pattern and the Bead Stitch Hat and the Crossed Doubles Hat, but this time the bead stitch rounds are switched out for cable stitch rounds where every 4th dc crosses over the previous 3. 

Post Stitch Hat

This hat again uses the same stitch pattern of alternating rounds of half double crochet and another stitch, in this case back and front post stitches, the same stitches used to create the ribbing along the bottom of the hat. 

String of Beads Hat

This hat uses the same combination of stitches but changes up the number of rounds of each. The String of Beads Hat uses the exact same stitches as the Bead Stitch Hat, but instead of 3 rounds of half double crochet separating the bead stitch rounds this time there is only one. 

String of Beads Child, Toddler, and Baby Sizes

Like the Bead Stitch Hat, this one stared out in only one size, adult, but shortly after I added 4 extras sizes ranging from child to infant. You can make a String of Beads Hat for almost anyone. 

Puff Stitch Stripes 

This version, like the String of Beads Hat, only uses one round of half double crochet to separate the rounds of puff stitches. It looks very similar to the String of Beads Hat but regular puff stitches are used in place of the bead stitches. The difference is minor but these puffs go more straight up and down, where the bead stitch puffs are angled more to the side. 

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