5 Little Monsters: Rainbow Unicorn Infusible Ink Shirts

Rainbow Unicorn Infusible Ink Shirts

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As we were getting ready to send kids back to school a couple of weeks ago I decided kind of last minute to make a couple of new shirts for some of my kids. I had some fun rainbow colored Infusible Ink transfer sheets that I thought would be perfect for my rainbow, unicorn loving 8 year old. 

Because I really wanted the rainbow Infusible Ink to be the main focus of the design I wanted to choose images that were a single color/cut. I found 2 unicorn designs in Design Space that were perfect for what I was looking for, words sliced out of a unicorn head shape. 

One of them was actually a two color design but it was really easy to turn it all the same color. I thought the "a unicorn ate my homework" was especially perfect for heading back to school.

I used Infusible Ink from two different packs. I loved the color-changing, rainbow look of the two colors I chose. It is always fun to see exactly how the colors end up in the finished design. 

How to Make Unicorn Infusible Ink Shirts

You will need:

Cut the designs out of Infusible Ink, color side up, don't forget to mirror. 

Prep your shirt but using the lint roller to remove any lint. Layer the shirt on the mat with cardstock inside, then the design color side down, then the butcher paper. 

Press at 385 degrees for 40 seconds with light pressure. Carefully lift the press and remove the transfer sheet. 

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