5 Little Monsters: Reading Tracker Bookmarks

Reading Tracker Bookmarks

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I loved to read as a kid, I would spend hours every day with my nose in a book. I remember getting in trouble for staying up too late reading. I have always felt like that love of reading is something that I want to share with my kids, but sometimes it seems like they would rather be sitting in front of a screen. 

With all of the stuff going on this year reading can be a great escape from the craziness happening around us, and with the changes in school between last spring when schools were closed and now when schools are opening up in different ways and at different times reading can help keep kids learning and developing. 

We try to find fun ways to encourage our kids to read and one way to do that is through new books. Who doesn't love getting new books. Bookroo sent us one of their subscription boxes, which we have gotten in the past and they are so much fun. They are always new books that I have never heard of, and they come wrapped in wrapping paper so they are a lot of fun to open. They come in 3 options: board books, picture books, and chapter books. We chose the chapter books this time since most of our kids are at that level. 

Until the end of the month (September 2020) Bookroo is running a promotion where you can get 20% off of any 3 month supbscription with the code KEEPCALM. Offer cannot be combined with other offers, can be used once per household.

 Keep Calm & Read On, 20% off

I also made some reading tracker bookmarks with 12 stars that the kids could mark off as they read. They can either color in the stars or add stickers. You can use any metric you want for when they can fill in a star. It could be 1 star per book, per chapter, per x amount of minutes, however you think will work for your child. 

I made the bookmarks using my Cricut. I used the draw feature to write the words and draw the stars. Then it cut out the rectangle. Super quick and easy. I also cut some little stars out of adhesive paper to use as stickers, but you can also just color them in. 

How to Make Reading Tracker Bookmarks

You will need:

  • Cricut Maker, Explore, or Joy
  • cardstock
  • Cricut Pens
  • Deluxe Adhesive Paper


Cut out the bookmarks from cardstock, using Cricut pens to draw the letters and stars. 

Cut the stars out of adhesive paper. 

Fill in the stars as you meet your reading goals. 

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