5 Little Monsters: Merry Christmas Ornament Sign

Merry Christmas Ornament Sign

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I'm sure everyone has seen the circle signs that are everywhere this year, especially for Christmas. Sometimes they are made with wood rounds, sometimes dollar store pizza pans, but whatever they are made with, they have been super popular lately.

I found this large wood ornament cutout at the dollar store and I thought it would be a fun variation on the circle signs. Same concept with a little different twist. 

I picked up some Christmasy ribbon and pine picks to go on the top. I got mine from Micheals but you could find similar stuff at the dollar store and make this fully a dollar store craft. 

Then I stained and painted the wood, added vinyl words, then put the pine branches and a plaid ribbon bow. 

How to Make a Merry Christmas Ornament Sign

You will need:


My sign had a little twine loop tied on the top and before painting I removed that and saved it to tie back on at the end as a hanging loop.

Stain the entire ornament brown. I used the DecoArt Color Stain rather than actual stain, brushed it on and then wiped it off. You can get a similar effect with slightly watered down acrylic paint and wet wipes if you don't want to use stain. 

While you wait for that to dry, open the Merry Christmas Ornament Sign Design Space file. Measure your sign to determine where you will place the words and make sure everything is the right size. Cut out the design, weed, and set aside. 

Tape off the stripe area and paint it with the chalk paint. Carefully remove the tape.

Use transfer tape to place the words on the sign in the desired place once the paint is completely dry. 

Glue the picks and bow to the top of the sign. Reattach the twine for hanging. 

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