5 Little Monsters: Foiled Sticker Tags with Cricut Joy

Foiled Sticker Tags with Cricut Joy

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I have been wanting to try out the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool ever since they first came out quite a while ago, and I finally got one. There are two different versions, the first one that came out worked in the Maker and Explore machines, but it was not compatible with the Joy. Then they came out with a Cricut Joy version that works only with the Joy and that is the one that I got. 

The Foil Transfer kit comes with the housing and tip, as well as a few sheets of gold and silver foil and some tape strips to tape down the foil sheet. They also have other packs of foil sheets in a few different colors, either in single color packs or sampler packs that come with three colors. I got some of the sampler packs so that I would have a variety of colors to try. 

I also ordered some other materials for this project, including some of the insert cards, which I didn't end up making this time, but that is on my list to do for sure. I think the foil will add a really cool detail to the insert card designs, and I was really excited to see that they now have 3 different sizes of cards. I also ordered some of the Smart Paper adhesive backed cardstock, and that is what I ended up using for this project. 

I found some simple draw designs in Design Space and attached them to simple shapes to make the stickers. 

I thought they would be perfect for things like party favors, stick a foiled sticker to a gift bag or box full of treats, stick it on the back of an envelope, or even just on a plain tag. The foil is so shiny and fun. 

How to Make Foiled Sticker Tags

You will need:


Open Cricut Design Space to create your designs. You can see the designs I made HERE.

To create your designs start with a draw image or writing font. If you are using a font you can simply type out the word that you want in the font that you want and change the linetype to foil. To look for images click on the images button, then click operation type on the sidebar and choose draw only. Once you add the image to your canvas change the linetype to foil. 

Next you will need to choose the background shape. You can use the basic shapes available in Design Space (circle, square, etc.), or you can search for a shape in the images and you can find more complex shapes for the background (scalloped circle, square with cutout corners, tags, etc.), or another option is to use the offset feature to make a background shape that outlines the shape of your design. 

Place the foil design on top of the background design and line it up exactly where you want it. Select both layers and attach. 

When you are finished with your design and ready to cut follow the prompts on your screen. You will need to use a mat with the foil tool, even if you are using Smart Paper that doesn't normally require a mat. 

Tip: move the image down and over slightly on the mat to give your room to tape the foil down. 

Tape the foil sheet shiny side up pulling the sides as taut as possible while you tape.

Change the blade to the foil tool.

Put the mat in the Joy and press go.

When the foil tool is finished do not remove the mat, with the mat still in the machine carefully remove the foil transfer sheet. Change the blade to the fine tip blade. 

Press go and let the Joy cut out the design. Then your stickers are done. Place the stickers on whatever you want, gift boxes, bags, envelopes, tags, or anything else you want. 


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