5 Little Monsters: Rainbow Doodle Stickers

Rainbow Doodle Stickers

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The other day I was doodling on my iPad, making little rainbow designs, not really with the intention of turning them into anything. But, as I was drawing I decided that they might make fun little stickers. 

I finished drawing the designs, and then uploaded the file into Cricut Design Space as a print then cut file, so that I could cut the stickers out with my Cricut. I printed them out on printable vinyl, but you could also use sticker paper. Then I cut them out. 

I think this is an especially fun time of year to make stickers. With kids getting ready to go back to school and buying new school supplies, stickers are a fun way to personalize notebooks, folders, binders, pencil boxes, laptops, and anything else you can think of. 

I thought I would share the file for these rainbow doodle stickers, in case someone wants to use it to make their own stickers, but also share the process I use to turn a drawing on the iPad into a vinyl sticker so you can make your own doodles into stickers. 

How to Turn Doodles Into Stickers with a Cricut

You will need:


To Turn Your Own Drawings Into Stickers-

I use an iPad Air with an Apple Pencil and the Procreate app to create designs. I'm sure there are tons of other ways you can do this same thing but this is the process and products that I use. 

In Procreate I chose a color palette to use for all of the rainbows. Then I just drew a bunch of doodles and rainbows. I used different layers for each one just to make moving them around easy. I drew the white outlines, also on separate layers, behind each rainbow to that there would be an outline when the stickers were cut out (this is the same effect that you can get with the offset feature in Design Space but I chose to draw it in to the actual design). 

I arranged my rainbows on the canvas so that they were laid out nicely. Then I turned the background layer transparent and exported the design as a png file. I sent it to my computer where I uploaded it into design space. Since the background is transparent and it is a print and cut it is easy to upload, no editing required. 

Insert the image onto your canvas and resize to the size that you want/need. Remember that with print then cut you are limited to 6.75"x 9.25"so it needs to be within that range.

Then follow the prompts in Design Space to print the design and then cut it with the Cricut. 

To Make the Rainbow Doodle Stickers

Open a new project in Cricut Design Space. Upload the Rainbow Stickers Designs into Design Space as a print then cut file. Then insert into your canvas. 

Resize to the size that you want/need. Remember that with print then cut you are limited to 6.75"x 9.25"so it needs to be within that range. I resized the height on mine to 6.5" which made the width just over 8" so it was within the range needed. 

Then follow the prompts to print the design with your printer, then cut it out with your Cricut. 

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