5 Little Monsters: Crocheted Bear Pencil Bag

Crocheted Bear Pencil Bag

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A week or two ago I shared a new pencil bag pattern, using my basic crocheted pencil bag to make a cat pencil bag. I mentioned in that post that I was working on another that I would be sharing soon. This is that bag. 

I made the cat bag, not with anyone in mind, just because the idea came to me so I did it. My 5 year old's favorite animal is a cat, and it just so happens that his favorite color is blue. My 8 year old is obsessed with cute, kawaii style things and when she saw how I had made the cat bag she said it reminded her of that kawaii style that she loves and she asked if she could have it. Her brother was with us and let her know that since he loved cats and blue it should actually go to him. 

To settle the fight over who got the blue cat bag it was decided that we needed to make a bear version (my daughter's favorite animal) and she wanted it in pink. So that is how the bear pencil bag was born.

The bear is made almost exactly the same as the cat, the biggest difference being the shape of the ears. And then of course the cat has whiskers embroidered and the bear does not. 

How to Crochet a Bear Pencil Bag

Finished Size 9" x 5"

You will need:



ch 31

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch to the end (30 sc)

Row 2: ch 1, turn, sc in each stitch to end (30 sc)

Row 3-38: repeat row 2

Row 39: ch 1, turn, sc dec, sc in next 26, sc dec (28 sc)

Row 40: ch 1, turn, sc dec, sc in next 24, sc dec (26 sc)

Row 41: ch 1, turn, sc dec, sc in next 22, sc dec (24 sc)

Row 42: ch 1, turn, sc dec, sc in next 20, sc dec (22 sc)

Row 43: ch 1, turn, sc dec, sc in next 18, sc dec (20 sc)

Finish off

You should now have a piece that looks like a big rectangle that is slightly angled in on one end

Rows 1-18 will be the back of your bag, rows 19-36 will be the front of your bag and rows 37-43 (the last two straight rows and the angled portion) make the flap. 

Fold the bag wrong sides together (the sides look pretty much the same so whichever way you think looks better) so that the first 18 rows are on one side and match up with rows 19-36.

Starting in one corner, I always start so that I am working on the front of the bag, sc up the side of the bag through both layers, once you reach the end of the double layers sc in the next two rows and continue up the angled portion, sc in corner stitch, ch 4, skip 1, sc in next 16, ch 4, skip 1, sc in corner, sc down the side of the flap and bag making sure to go through both layers once you reach the bag portion, finish off and weave in ends

Fold flap down to determine button placement, sew on buttons


Make 2 in main color

begin with magic ring

Round 1: ch 1, 6 sc in magic ring (6 sc)

Round 2: 2 sc in each stitch (12 sc)

Round 3: [2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next], repeat around (18 sc)

Round 4: 1 sc in each st (18 sc)

Round 5: 1 sc in each st (18 sc)

Round 6: 1 sc in each st (18 sc)

Finish off leaving long tail for sewing


begin with magic ring with black yarn, make 2

Round 1: ch 1, 6 sc in magic ring, join to first sc with sl st (6 sc)

Finish off leaving long tail for sewing


with black yarn

ch 3, work 2 dc in the first ch, ch 3, sl st in same ch you work the dc in 

finish off and cut yarn, leaving long tail for sewing and embroidering mouth


Flatten the ears and stitch to the top of the bag right where the flap folds over.

Stitch the eyes on. Stitch the nose in between the eyes with the tail of yarn, then continuing with the same tail make a stitch below the nose and then a couple of stitches off to each side to make the mouth.

Using white yarn make a small stitch on each eye.

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