5 Little Monsters: Halloween Perler Bead Designs

Halloween Perler Bead Designs

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 I shared some fall Perler Bead Designs a month or so ago, but at the same time that I designed those I also came up with some that were more specifically Halloween themed. I finally got the graphs that I designed turned into actual finished designs and am ready to share them. 

I came up with 6 designs. I feel like that is a nice number to make for each theme because that is how many graphs I fit on one sheet of paper. For the Halloween designs I made a Jack O Lantern, a candy corn, a ghost, a spider, a ghost, and BOO!.     

These would be fun for kids to make at a Halloween party or activity. The ghost was a perfect opportunity to use the clear beads.

How to Make Halloween Perler Bead Designs

You will need:


Place the beads on the pegboard following the graphs.

Lay ironing paper over the pegboard with beads in place.

Iron carefully over the top until the beads are fused together.

Pull the fused design off of the pegboard and flip over, place the ironing paper on top and lightly press the other side of the design.

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