5 Little Monsters: Printable Fidget Valentines

Printable Fidget Valentines

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My kids are obsessed with fidget toys lately, and I know they aren't the only ones. Our PTA at one of my kids' schools has a school store and we added pop-its to the things we sell and they have been hugely popular. I have nieces and nephews that love them, kids friends who are obsessed. So not only are they a big hit with my kids it seems like most other kids are just as obsessed with them too. 

Each year as Valentine's Day gets closer I start thinking about ideas I can use for my elementary age kids to give out to their classmates or friends that don't involve candy. Having a daughter with diabetes candy filled holidays can be a little rough. She can have the candy, but only after we give her insulin to cover it, so that means we have to figure out how many grams of carbs are in each piece, how many pieces she wants to eat, give her a shot, then she can eat those pieces and only those pieces. No just grabbing a piece of candy and eating it. She handles it really well, but it is still a challenge because it accentuates the differences between her and all of the other kids. So ever since her diagnosis about 3 years ago I have tried to think of non candy alternatives for holidays like Valentine's Day, Easter, and Halloween.

This year I immediately thought of fidgets. The first idea I had was to get the mini pop-it keychains, but as I looked around I found some other fidgets that I thought kids would also enjoy so I made a few different options. 

Because my thought was this would be something kids could give out to their school classes I wanted to stick with pretty inexpensive choices, things that you could buy in a bulk pack with a fairly low per unit price point. Everything I got was under $1 per item, they ranged from about 45 cents to around 70 cents per fidget. 

I ended up with 4 different fidget types and 4 different cards:

Have a Poppin' Valentine's Day with the mini pop-it keychains

It's not a stretch to be your friend with stretchy strings (aka monkey noodles)

Squishing you a Happy Valentine's Day with squishies

and Have a ball this Valentine's Day with marble mesh fidgets (stress balls would also work with this card)

How to Make Printable Fidget Valentines

You will need:


Download the Fidget Valentines PDF and print as many as you need.

Cut out the cards. I used a paper cutter for the rectangle cards and scissors for the round cards. 

Write names and attach fidgets. 

I punched a hole in the pop-it cards and used the keychain to attach the pop-it through the hole.

For the marble fidgets and the stretchy strings I just used a piece of washi tape to attach the fidgets to the cards. Washi tape is easy to remove so it doesn't leave any residue on the toys. 

I used a tape runner, or you could use double sided tape, to attach the squishies to the cards. Since they were in plastic wrappers I felt like this was the easiest way to attach them. 

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