5 Little Monsters: Earth Themed Perler Bead Designs

Earth Themed Perler Bead Designs

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In April I planned a set of Perler Bead Designs to share for Earth Day. I created the patterns and everything, but I didn't actually get them made in time to take pictures and write up a blog post before Earth Day so I ended up just pushing it aside and not posting it. 

With school ending soon I have been thinking about kids crafts and projects that I can share that kids can do this summer. My kids really enjoy Perler Beads, it is always a hit when we pull the Perler Beads out, so I planned on sharing a few different design sets. 

Since I already had these ones ready to go I decided to share them, I figured we should care about the earth all of the time not just on Earth Day so it still works. 

In this set I included 6 designs, all made on a 14x14 peg square board, which is the same that I usually use. It is a pretty basic size that is included in almost any set so I like to stick with that. The set includes an Earth, a Sun, a raindrop, a potted plant, a recycle can, and a tree. 

How to Make Earth Themed Perler Bead Designs

You will need:


Download the Earth Perler Bead Designs.

Follow the graphs to create the designs on the pegboard.

When finished cover with paper and press to melt the beads together. Remove from the pegboard, flip, cover, and press on the other side.

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