5 Little Monsters: Halloween Candy Bowls

Halloween Candy Bowls

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I have been trying to finish up a few last quick Halloween projects before I jump into other holiday projects. This one is a super quick project, but also really inexpensive. It was also a little bit of a project fail, but that turned out well in the end, just not exactly the way I originally imagined it. 

I had the idea to decorate a bowl for halloween, something that could be used as a trick or treat bowl filled with candy to pass out, or filled with popcorn for a Halloween movie night. Or maybe even used to hold food for a halloween dinner  or party. I had gotten some glow in the dark vinyl and I thought it would be fun to make little glowing ghosts, or something like that, on a bowl. 

So I picked up a couple of cheap plastic bowls at Walmart, something that I felt would be a good starting place for the project. They had them in black and orange so I picked up one of each, for just around $1 each. 

The glow in the dark was a brand I had never used before and it was a total disaster. I had planned to cut some ghosts and skulls out of white vinyl and some out of the glow in the dark, so only a few of the ghosts/skull would glow. I am sure it was 100% user error, but I could not get the glow in the dark vinyl to cut. It was thick and plastic-y, with a papery layer underneath. It didn't cut well, then when I finally cut through it was terrible to weed, it tore and separated. It was probably the most frustrating vinyl project I have ever tried. I wasted so much of my time and an entire sheet of vinyl, and what I thought would be a super simple project got me so frustrated and grouchy. 

I left it with no plans to finish it, but then the next day I decided to just keep things simple for myself and cut out a few more white vinyl decals. When I finally sat down to make it the next day it ended up being a super simple, really quick project. I got it all done in a matter of just a few minutes. In the end I was glad that I didn't give up on it. The white vinyl ended up looking great and although the glow in the dark vinyl would have probably looked cool too, I was happy with the end result. 

I chose ghosts and skulls, but you could do the same thing with bats, jack o' lantern faces, or other simple halloween designs. 

How to Decorate Halloween Candy Bowls

You will need:


For this project I was looking for some kind of cutesy simple halloween designs and in Cricut Design Space I  found the ghost and pumpkin designs that I used. They were both included with Cricut Access or available for purchase. Each came with 5-6 different designs which was exactly what I was looking for. You can find the designs I used here: Halloween Bowls Cricut Design Space

Once you have chosen the designs you want to use you will need to resize them as needed. I wanted each ghost or skull to be about 1.5" tall.

Next cut your designs out of vinyl. I cut out 3 sets of each design, so I had a total of 18 ghosts (3 each of 6 designs) and 15 skulls (3 each of 5 designs). Weed your designs. 

Use transfer tape to place the designs all around the bowl. I just placed them on randomly, kind of going up and down in tilted in different directions. I used one small square of transfer tape and picked up ghost/skull, placed it on the bowl, pulled off the transfer tape, then picked up the next one and repeated the process all the way around. 

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