5 Little Monsters: Christmas Cards with Cricut

Christmas Cards with Cricut

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I have wanted to try out Cricut's new watercolor markers and opaque gel pens since I first saw them, and I thought that making some Christmas cards was the perfect opportunity to finally give them a try. 

I have always thought it would be nice if there was a way to use Cricut pens to write on the dark colored cards, whether that was on the inside, or if there were pen designs on the outside. With these gel pens that is now possible. The white pen in perfect for these Christmas cards, especially the little snowy trees and snowflakes. 

I was even more excited to try out the watercolor markers and watercolor cards. I really like the look of watercolor but I am not the greatest painter, so having my Cricut draw the lines for me and then just using the water brush to paint in the lines was super easy. 

I used my Cricut Joy to make these cards, but with the large card mat you can also use the Maker or Explore machines. The markers and pens are different for the Joy and the other machines, but they are available for both. 

How to Make Christmas Cards with Cricut

You will need:


Cards using Gel Pens-

Create your designs in Cricut Design Space or use the designs that I used : Gel Pen Christmas Cards

You can use any of the insert card or cutaway card designs that have pen lines, or you can make your own design adding writing and cut elements. 

To use an insert card place the card on the card mat and cut out the design and draw the lines, following the prompts on the computer to change blades/pens, then add the insert. 

To use a cutaway cards start by peeling off the backing and sticking the insert to the card. Then cut/draw the design following the prompts on the computer. 

Watercolor Cards-

Create your designs in Cricut Design Space or use the designs that I used : Watercolor Christmas Cards

I just searched for designs made to use the watercolor pens, resized them to fit a card and added text. You could use any draw design to do the same. 

Place the watercolor card on the card mat and follow the computer prompts to change out markers and pens. 

Once the design in completed remove the card from the mat and use the watercolor brush pen to paint the color from the outlines into the center of the design. 

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