5 Little Monsters: May 2023

Easy Dry Erase Menu Board

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The past month or so life has just seemed super crazy and busy. I think that is the case in May for everyone who has kids in school, with all of the end of the year activities, field trips, concerts,  assemblies, performances, not to mention the testing that has kids extra stressed out and on edge. I feel like everything has seemed extra chaotic and crazy and it has made me realize how much I needed to get myself better organized before all of the kids were home for summer. 

Harmony Hat

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Last week I shared a crocheted cowl that I made for the Scarf of the Month Crochet Along with  Oombawka Design and The Stitchin Mommy. I mentioned that I would also be the guest designer for their Hat of the Month Crochet Along, and today is the day for that!

Scrappy Four Patch Coasters

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Do you have a box or bin full of fabric scraps leftover for other projects? I know I do, and this year I have been really trying to focus on using up a lot of what I already have on hand rather than always getting new supplies for my projects. 

Harmony Cowl

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This year it felt like winter was never going to end and spring would never get here, we were having major snow storms into April. But luckily May has finally started to feel more like spring weather and I am loving it, but that does make posting a new hat and scarf pattern this month feel kind of funny, but there is a reason for it. 

Resin Trinket Dishes

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Every once in a while I decide to pull out my resin crafting stuff and make something, and I have been wanting to make a couple of different projects for a while. I thought Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Week would be the perfect time to try out a few new projects, although I am super behind in posting so I am sharing them really late. But, better late than never I guess, maybe they will give you ideas for next year. 

Raised Ridges Face Scrubbies

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Crocheted Dishcloths are a great way to try out new stitches, perfect for when you want a quick project, useful, and great for warmer months when you don't need hats and scarves and don't want to work on heavy, warm blankets. But the one problem I have with dishcloths is that I often end up will little leftover bits of cotton yarn that aren't quite enough for another dishcloth, so what do you do with them?