5 Little Monsters: Raised Ridges Face Scrubbies

Raised Ridges Face Scrubbies

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Crocheted Dishcloths are a great way to try out new stitches, perfect for when you want a quick project, useful, and great for warmer months when you don't need hats and scarves and don't want to work on heavy, warm blankets. But the one problem I have with dishcloths is that I often end up will little leftover bits of cotton yarn that aren't quite enough for another dishcloth, so what do you do with them?

The answer is little face scrubbies! Little scrubbies are great for washing your face or removing makeup, plus they are washable and reusable so they are a great eco-friendly option. They are even quicker to make than dishcloths, they literally take minutes to make, so you can whip up a whole set in no time. And they are also a great stash busting project to use up those little leftovers of cotton yarn, which means you can probably make them with yarn you already have on hand so they won't cost anything. But even if you do have to buy yarn to make them they are still really inexpensive since you can make several from a small ball of cotton yarn. 

They also make a nice little gift, just tie up a stack of them and pair with some pretty handmade soap, yummy smelling sugar scrub, or other favorite product. You could even put together a whole spa themed gift basket including a set of scrubbies. 

I like to make my face scrubbies round, these little circle scrubbies are about 3.5" in diameter. I feel like this is a good size to hold in your hand. 

This pattern uses half double crochet in the third loop worked in the round to create the texture of raised ridges on the surface. It is 4 simple rounds and works up really fast. You can have a whole set of scrubbies in no time. Pair them with the Third Loop Washcloth for a washcloth with a similar look. 

How to Crochet Raised Ridges Scrubbies

You will need:

  • Small amount of worsted weight cotton yarn (samples made with scraps from my stash, the pink was Sugar n' Cream in Rose Pink, the gray/blue I believe was Peaches and Cream but I can't find the color and it may no longer be available)
  • H crochet hook (5 mm)
  • yarn needle


These scrubbies are worked in the round beginning with a magic ring. All of the stitches in each round after that are worked into the third loop of the half double crochet you are working into. This third loop is not the front and back loop that make the v on top of the stitch that you normally work into, it is a bar/loop that goes across the stitch behind that. I have a video showing how to work the half double crochet in the third loop, not worked in the round with increases the way that these stitches are, but the placement is the same, you can check out the video below if you are having trouble with the placement.

Another tip, when working the hdc in the 3rd loop the join can be a little messy, for these scrubbies I started with a ch 2 on each round that goes not count as a stitch, but when I joined the rounds I joined into that beginning ch 2 rather than the first st, then I work the first stitch of the new round into the third loop of the first stitch. This join is still noticeable, but it is pretty clean and straight. 

Raised Ridges Scrubbies

Begin with a magic ring (mr), beginning ch does not count as a st

Round 1: in mr, ch 2, 10 hdc, sl st to beginning ch to join (10 hdc)
Round 2: ch 2, 2 hdc in 3rd loop of each st around, sl st to beginning ch to join (20 hdc)
Round 3: ch 2, [2 hdc in 3rd loop of first st, 1 hdc in 3rd loop of next st] repeat around, sl st to beginning ch to join (30 hdc)
Round 4: ch 2, [2 hdc in 3rd loop of first st, 1 hdc in 3rd loop of next 2 sts] repeat around, sl st to beginning ch to join (40 hdc)

Finish off and weave in ends

Repeat as many times as desired to make a set 

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