5 Little Monsters: Car Themed Printable Valentine Cards

Car Themed Printable Valentine Cards

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Every year as it gets close to Valentine's Day I like to share some printable valentine cards with ideas for small, inexpensive, non-food/candy gifts that kids can pass out to their friends and classmates. This year I have a few different cards to share and this is the first that I am sharing this year. 

I started doing this a few years ago after my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Her diabetes diagnosis made candy filled holidays a little difficult. She can still have candy but she needs to dose herself with insulin for any candy that she eats, which can make class parties kind of hard, where all of the kids are opening up candy and eating it, and you are frosting cookies, or playing games with treats involved. She has to figure out exactly what she is going to eat ahead of time and how many carbs it is so that she can figure out her medicine. As a result she just really didn't like getting candy, she didn't want to eat it. It made me more sensitive to kids with different food related issues that may not really want to get a bunch of candy, whether it is kids with diabetes like my daughter, or kids with celiacs who can't have gluten, or kids with allergies needing to watch everything they eat to make sure it won't cause them issues. Ever since then I have tried to find some fun little ideas for things like Valentine's Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas stocking stuffers, etc. that don't involve candy. 

This year that particular child is in middle school so she won't be passing out valentines to all of her friends this year, but I still wanted to make some cards. The first cards that I made this year are car themed. 

I actually just went to Walmart and looked through their little valentine favors and picked a few things I thought would be cute. One of the things that I found was a container of little pull-back cars. They were super inexpensive, about $3 for 12 of them so only about 25 cents each. I usually try to make sure I keep the toys, or whatever non-food item I am using, under $1 since you are probably buying them for a whole class worth of kids. These definitely fit that category. I also found a bunch of similar cars on Amazon, for around the same price per car. You could also use Hot Wheels cars (or similar die cast cars), although that would be a pricier option. 

I made 3 different card designs, each page contains 2 of each card design for a total of 6 cards. The 3 designs say "You're a WHEELIE great friend", "RACING by to say Happy Valentine's Day", and "I like the way you ROLL". 

How to Use Car Themed Printable Valentine Cards

You will need:

Print as many copies of the PDF as you need, each page will have 6 cards- 2 each of 3 different cards. 

Cut the cards out, I used the paper cutter and cut just outside the colored lines leaving a small border of white. 

Use small bags to attach the car to the card, I used small jewelry baggies and they were the perfect size to put the car in and then I used a hole punch and some string to attach the card to the baggie. You could also staple the card to the bag, or use a cellophane bag and tie a ribbon around it. 

Credit: car graphics used made by DigitalArtsi

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