5 Little Monsters: Embroidered Tea Towel

Embroidered Tea Towel

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If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen me share the new embroidery kits that Missouri Star Quilt Company released this month. They sent me 2 different kits, one a learn to embroider kit, and the other more of a project kit. They are both really beautiful kits but for this project I am using the Beginner kit. 

The kit comes in a little round zipper bag. It includes all of the things you need to get started, a hoop, needles, floss, scissors, a needle minder, etc., as well as pre-printed stitch sampler that you can use to practice all of the stitches, and a little instructional booklet. Last but not least it includes the supplies you need to make your first project. There are several designs printed on wash away sheets that you can stick to your fabric, embroider, then wash away, and there is also a tea towel. 

Since the tea towel and stick and stitch designs were included in the kit I decided to use them to make an embroidered tea towel. I chose the floral design for my tea towel. 

I followed the instructions in the booklet for which stitches to use on each part of the design, but I switched up some of the colors to include more colors. The original design shows the flowers in only red, pink, and yellow, but the kit also came with purple and blue so I added those in too. 

I used to do a lot of embroidery, in fact one of the first crafty businesses I had was selling embroidery patterns that I designed at a store that I worked in while I was in college. I would ride the train to work and stitch on the train. It was the perfect small project to keep in my purse. I worked at a store that was half handmade items sold on consignment, and half quilt store, and I started turning some of my embroidery designs into patterns that I then sold in the store. 

Because of that it was really fun to pick it back up and make a quick embroidery project. I haven't done a lot of embroidery lately and it is something I have been wanting to do and getting these kits was the perfect push to get me to make something. I have even had a few embroidery projects recently that I planned to share over the past few months that I just didn't get done in time, or didn't ever get around to at all. This time I was determined to sit down and finish a project and I am so glad I did. I think the embroidered flowers turned out so pretty. 

Also, just a little side note. If you make an embroidered tea towel like this one be sure to check which side of the towel you are stitching on. I just stuck on my design, stitched it up, washed out the design sheet, let it dry, and it wasn't until I was ironing it to take pictures that I realized I had stitched it on the wrong side. Oh well, it still looks pretty. 

How to Make an Embroidered Tea Towel

You will need:


I used the supplies that came in the kit, but you could recreate this project by gathering your own supplies. The only thing that wouldn't be exactly the same is the the floral design since that specific design was part of the kit that I used. You could draw your own design, find an image of a design that you like and trace it onto the fabric directly, or trace or print it onto a blank sheet of stick and stitch. Or you can purchase a variety of printed stick and stitch designs on Etsy (something like this assortment of floral designs) or even on Amazon (like this pack of floral designs)

Once you have a design chosen, whether from the kit, one that you made, or one that you purchased somewhere else, you are ready to get started. 

First stick your design onto the tea towel in the place you want it, make sure it is on the right side so you don't make the same mistake I did. Put the towel in the hoop.

Start stitching the design. I used 3 strands of embroidery floss throughout, using a combination of different stitches. I used backstitch, lazy daisy, satin stitch, wagon wheel, fly stitch, French knots, and star stitch. I followed the instructions in the book for the design I was making with the exception of the colors that I used. I just added in a couple extra colors by making the the 3 star stitch flowers blue instead of yellow, and the 2 wagon wheel flowers purple instead of pink and red. 

When you are finished stitching all of the flowers soak the design in warm water to dissolve the design sheet. It may take a little bit of gentle rubbing to get the last little bits to wash off. I had a little bit of a hard time washing off the black likes from underneath the stitching, but with a little gentle rubbing I got it off, just be careful not to pull the stitches. 

Let your towel dry and then you may need to press it to get the wrinkles out. Then you are done, and you have a pretty new tea towel. 

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