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Happy Spring Sign

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I know technically spring doesn't start for a few more days, but as far as I am concerned once March hits it is spring. At that point I am done with with the cold, snowy weather and ready for things to start turning green again. It never works out quite that way, but that doesn't stop me from hoping. 

I felt like I needed a new sign on my door that was more spring-y, especially since the one that I had up was one my daughter made in the fall that had a football on it and since football season has officially been over for a month now it was time to change it. So I made myself a Spring sign. 

It was super quick to make with only a few supplies and it was just the thing to add a little touch of spring. I used a round wood plaque that I found at Michaels and it was already white in the center with a light wood color around the edge, so I just left it that way and made my sign. No painting or prep work needed for the wood. Then I added a vinyl design.

I played around with a few different designs that I found in Design Space. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted it to say Welcome Spring, or Hello Spring, or something else. Also if I wanted it to just be black or if I just wanted it to be more colorful.  

I searched through Design Space to find a design that I liked and there were so many to choose from. I ended up landing on this Happy Spring design. I also ended up deciding to keep it simple and just do the design in black. I tend to prefer simpler designs so in the end that is just the look I liked best. I used black permanent SmartVinyl for mine, I was not totally sold on the SmartVinyl at first because it is a little pricier, but I have to admit I have come to really like the matless cutting and I feel like I waste less because I am not ending up with as many small leftover pieces since I can buy it in large rolls. I only really use in the basic colors that I use a lot, like black and white, but it is nice for projects that only use one or two colors. But, you can use any adhesive vinyl that you like. 

Then I just added a bright, springy bow to finish it off. I used some bright yellow trim that I have had in my stash forever that I think came from my husband's grandma, but any bright/pastel ribbon would work. I just tied a simple bow, because honestly fancy bows have never been something I am great at, and then I glued it just to the side so it didn't cover any of the writing.

How to Make a Happy Spring Sign

You will need:


Open the Happy Spring Design in Design Space or use image #M505A400E

Resize as needed to fit your plaque. Mine was just over 10" in diameter on the inside (12" in diameter on the outside of the sign)

Cut out the design and weed.

Use transfer tape to transfer the design onto your wood sign. 

Tie a bow and trim the ends to the size that you want. Glue the bow to the sign in the place you feel looks best. I put mine a little off center so that it didn't cover any of the words. 

Hang it on your door to welcome spring!

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