5 Little Monsters: Faux Leather Hair Bows

Faux Leather Hair Bows

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I have 3 little girls ages 8, 4, and 3 which means lots of hair that needs done. All of them have such different hair, we have thick hair, thin hair, curly, straight, and somewhere in between. When I was little I had very curly hair, my mom used to call it naturally crazy hair. I think a couple of my girls have inherited my naturally crazy hair. The older two both have or had curly hair, Eliza's has straightened out a lot as she has gotten older but Lucy's is still pretty curly. I love Lucy's curly hair but she hates letting me do anything with it because it always gets so tangly. In fact, when I am doing the girl's hair she will grab the brush, run off and hide it, then come back ready for me to do her hair. I try to be gentle but she still hates getting her hair brushed. When I had the opportunity to do a post with SoCozy kids hair care products I immediately thought of Lucy. I was excited to try out some of their products to see how they worked on her hair, as well as the other girls. They sent me a couple of products to try out so on Sunday when we were getting the girls ready for church I decided to give them a try. I also made them some pretty new faux leather bows with my Cricut. They only took a few minutes to make, I ended up making more that morning because they all wanted certain colors.

We tried out the detangler spray, which worked great for all of my girls, and the styling cream, which I thought really helped Lucy's curls stay looking nice all day and kept the frizzies away. They were super excited to have new hair stuff to try out. In fact, ever since we first tried it out they have been doing each others hair, trying out new hairstyles and adding bows. For church on Sunday they all three decided that they wanted ponytails with a big bow at the top.

I was a little nervous that the bows were going to be way to big, especially for my youngest (who wouldn't let me get a picture but she also had a ponytail with a big blue bow), so I cut out a couple of smaller ones as well. It was really easy to change the size of the bows in Cricut Design Space. The bigger bows were about 5 inches across and the smaller ones about 3 inches. In the end all of the girls ended up wanting the big bows and I thought they looked cute and not too big.

I used the same faux leather that I used for flower hair clips a month or so ago. It came in a pack with a few different colors and I had only used a little bit for that project so I still had plenty left over for this one. Using my Cricut and a hot glue gun they only took minutes to make.

How to Make Faux Leather Hair Bows

Finished size approximately 5"

You will need:

  • Cricut Explore
  • Bow Design Space File
  • Pebbled Patina Faux Leather
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • hair clips (I used the alligator style clips)


The first thing you will need to do is open the design space file and cut it out using your Cricut. If you have a different cutting machine I am sure you can do something similar but my file is only good for Cricut because that is the machine that I have. The bow design includes 3 pieces, the bow part, the back and the center strip. 

The first thing you need to do is take the bow piece (the longest piece that is skinny on the ends and in the middle and has two puffy sections in between) and fold the skinny end pieces to the middle and glue in place. 

Next glue that piece to the bow back (the forked piece)

Last, wrap the small strip around the middle of the bow and glue in place on the back. 

That completes the bow assembly, after that is done just use the hot glue to attach the clip to the back of the bow, once it is dry you can start using it. 

Now you can make some super easy, cute hair bows for your little girls and if you would like to try out SoCozy hair products you can find them at Target

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