5 Little Monsters: Merry Christmas Around the World Sign

Merry Christmas Around the World Sign

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I have had my Cricut for less than a year now but it has become one of my favorite things when I want to make a quick project. I love that it is so easy to use and that I can make pretty much anything I want to. Before getting my Cricut I had never used one before but I have felt like it was really easy to learn to use and since then I have been able to make so many things, vinyl signs, shirts with iron on, paper crafts, and so much more.

When I came up with the idea for today's project I had been thinking about our family and the different languages and cultures that have become important to us, especially at Christmastime and I thought it would be fun to do something with different languages. I have always found different languages, as well as traditions and cultures from other countries to be fascinating. Some of the languages I ended up using I chose because they have some kind of significance to my family and others I chose just because I needed a couple more to fill in the space. If you want to make something similar you can use the one that I made or you can make your own with whatever languages you would like to use. 

I chose English first, for obvious reasons. That is the language we speak. Next I used Spanish, a language important to me because I spent a year and a half living in Uruguay while serving a mission for my church and while I was there I learned to speak Spanish. My husband also served a mission for our church but he went to Germany, which is why German is the next language I chose. French is in honor of my daughter who is obsessed with France, and more specifically Paris, I knew she would want me to include that. The next one I may have gotten wrong, I'm not really sure. My husband's family is from Denmark so I wanted Danish, however I'm not sure if it is right. When I tried to find out how to say Merry Christmas in Danish I got 2 different answers, God Jul which I ended up using, and Glaedelig Jul. Some things listed God Jul as being Swedish and/or Norwegian. So, I ended up picking one and just going with it but maybe I ended up with Swedish or Norwegian instead of Danish, oh well. The last two, Italian and Portuguese, I just chose to fill up space. 

To make my sign all I did was go in to Design Space and type of each of the phrases in a different text box. Then I just played around with fonts, changing them so that each phrase was in a different font. I tried to get a mixture of styles as I chose the fonts. Then I sized everything to be the size that I wanted, for this project that was 7" wide so that it was just smaller than the 8" sign. Once I had everything the way I wanted it I selected all of it and attached everything. That way when I cut it it would all be laid out exactly the way I wanted it. 

Then it is just a matter of painting the board, cutting out the vinyl, weeding it and putting it on the transfer tape, then sticking it to the sign. Super Easy. In no time at all I had a brand new Christmas decoration all ready to go. 

How to Make a Christmas Around the World Sign

Finished size: 8" x 10"

You will need:

First you will either need to open the link to my design space file or make your own. 

Then I would paint the board and set it aside to dry while you cut out your design. 

Make sure your machine is set to vinyl, stick your vinyl to the mat, and load into the machine and cut. 

Cut out the vinyl piece and weed it. Stick the transfer tape on and carefully peel off of the backing. Stick to the board and peel off the transfer tape. 

I have really enjoyed using my Cricut to make easy projects like this one. I love that they can be totally customized and I can make anything I want. I have been teaching my younger sisters how to do some stuff on the Cricut and I think they have also really enjoyed being able to use it and play around with different options and trying out all of the different things you can do on it. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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