5 Little Monsters: How to Make Weighted Bases for Crochet Projects

How to Make Weighted Bases for Crochet Projects

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One of my favorite thing to crochet are amigurumi, or stuffed, crocheted dolls, toys, and figures. Some of these items are meant as decorations and I want them to be able to stand up on thier own. To help them stand up I like to add weighted bases to the bottom of the item. This gives them a nice heavy base so they don't tip over or wobble around. I use Poly-Pellets as the weight for my bases. In the video below I show a couple different ways that I make these bases to add to my crochet projects.

One of my favorite projects that uses these bases is my Nativity set. I use them in the original set, the Wisemen, the Angel, and the mini set, as well as serveral other projects.

You can find Poly Pellets on Amazon, or in many craft stores both in-store or online.

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