5 Little Monsters: Cricut 101: 30+ Cricut Projects (Including Easy Washi Stickers)

Cricut 101: 30+ Cricut Projects (Including Easy Washi Stickers)

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Maybe you just got a new Cricut, or maybe you are thinking of getting one but trying to decide if it is worth it, or maybe you have one but use it for the same types of projects all the time and are wondering what else you can do with it. Whatever the case may be I thought I would talk about some of the many, many things you can use your cricut to make.

I had wanted to get a cutting machine for a long time before I finally got my Cricut but I wasn't really sure if it would get used. Since getting it I use it all the time. I love to crochet and a lot of my craft time is spent working on crochet projects but they always take a lot of time to finish. One of my favorite things about Cricut projects is that they are typically pretty quick and easy. Just the other day my girls wanted to make something so I got out some little blank books (similar to these) that I had picked up for a project that never happened so they were just sitting on my shelf. I also grabbed a pack of Washi Sheets and then I went into design space and added bunch of simple shapes, hearts, flowers, circles, arrows, etc. I sized them between about 1"-2.5", stuck a washi sheet on the mat and cut, then repeated a couple more times. I cut the shapes apart and pulled off the excess around the shapes (although if I was using the stickers myself I probably would have skipped that step, I just thought it was better for the kids if they could easily see the shapes they were choosing. 

Then all I did was give each of the girls a blank book, throw all of the Washi stickers on the table in front of them and let them create. It only took me a few minutes to prepare the activity for them and they had fun doing something creative. And once I let them go it didn't really require any supervision from me. They just stuck stickers where they wanted. Their books may not have turned out Pinterest worthy but they loved them and they especially loved that they made them themselves. 

Quick and easy kids crafts are one type of project that the Cricut is great for but there are lots of other things you can do. Here are a few of the things I have done: 

Home Decor

I make lots of things for my house, whether it be signs to hang on the wall, something for my kids room, pillows with iron on, or labels on storage containers. 


Making shirts is probably one of the most common ways I use my Cricut. It is great for holiday shirts, and I have made tons of baby shirts to give as gifts or for my own baby. I have made a lot more than are shown here, I just haven't posted about all of them on my blog. 

I am currently a cub scout leader for a Webelos pack and one of the requirements was for them to design a logo and then put in on something like a shirt. About a month before they had camp we had them draw some designs and then they chose their favorite and I took it home and turned it into a design on my Cricut. The next week we helped the boys iron them onto their shirts. They were pretty proud of the shirts that they designed and made and it made it so much easier at camp because our boys stood out in their bright red shirts. I have also made shirts for our local scout troop. 


I have made lots of bags and a few hair accessories but lots I have seen lots of other accessories people have make, things like jewlery and keychains. 

Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts are really common Cricut crafts however I don't do a lot of paper crafting but I have done a few. 

Besides these I have done a few things like banners for a baby shower, and bookmarks but I don't have pictures of those


I love making holiday projects with my cricut. It is so easy to use for personalizing things like Easter buckets and trick or treat bags, making festive party favors, or making holiday decor for my house. 

Kids Crafts

Washi Tape Stickers
Painted Canvas with Vinyl  (I just let my daughter paint a canvas and chose a design to put on it, she chose a Thor helmet and her name, then I helped her stick it on the canvas. It was a super easy project that she loved)

If you have a Cricut what are some of your favorite things to make?

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