5 Little Monsters: Rose Gold Deathly Hallows Sweatshirt

Rose Gold Deathly Hallows Sweatshirt

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For Christmas my husband asked me to make him a couple of hoodies with iron on designs on them. I made one with a design from one of his favorite books and another with one of my own designs, which I will be sharing in a couple of weeks. After I made his sweatshirts I decided they looked really comfy and I needed to make one for myself.

I finally picked up a shirt at the store. I just got an inexpensive one from Walmart, not a hoodie which I would have preferred but just a plain sweatshirt. I had a hard time finding plain hoodies, so I just used what I could find.

Then I had to decide what I wanted to put on it. My first plan was a Deathly Hallows design, then I thought maybe I would want to do something different and played around with a few designs and ideas. I couldn't decide on anything and eventually came back to my original idea and decided to go with that. I made the design using simple shapes in Design Space.

 I chose a rose gold foil iron on to go on the black sweatshirt. It is hard to get pictures that really show the color. After I made my shirt my husband commented that he wanted a Deathly Hallows shirt too, so a couple of days ago for his birthday I made one for him. His is a dark gray sweatshirt with black iron on.

How to Make a Deathly Hallows Shirt

You will need:


Cut out of foil iron on. Make sure you select foil iron on as your material. 

Weed and press the design onto your sweatshirt following recommended settings.

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