5 Little Monsters: Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

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Every year I make trick or treat bags for my kids. Sometimes I actually sew the bags, sometimes I just add fun iron on designs to tote bags.

When I have done the iron on on tote bags I have done it a couple different ways, sometimes I have made them to go along with the kids costumes.  For example, if they dress as a superhero I may put that superhero's symbol on the bag. Or when my daughter dressed up as Mal from Disney Descendants I made the Descendants logo on her bag.

Other times I ave just gone with traditional Halloween designs. Designs that say "trick or treat", "Happy Halloween" or something similar.

For this trick or treat bag I decided to go the more traditional halloween route, but keep it super simple. I happened to have a plain orange tote bag so I just cut out a Jack O Lantern face and ironed it on the front of the bag.

Originally I was planning on making it out of plain black iron on, but then I remembered that I had gotten some of the new Metallic Mosaic Iron On from Cricut and that there was black in the package. I thought that would be something fun and different. You could also use patterned iron on like I did on this baby onesie last year for another fun option.

I hadn't tried the mosaic iron on before and I was a little nervous about how easy it would be to work with. I didn't know if it was a solid sheet or actually little squares which would have been a nightmare to weed. Luckily it is a solid sheet. The spaces between the squares are clear so you can see the color of the fabric underneath.

How to Make a Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

You will need:


Cut out of iron on (there is a setting for Metallic Mosaic Iron On if that is what you use). 

Press to your tote bag with the EasyPress using the recommended settings.

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