5 Little Monsters: Jack O' Lantern Baby Bodysuit

Jack O' Lantern Baby Bodysuit

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I shared a baby set a couple weeks ago that was made with a navy bodysuit, it came in a pack with a few other colors including an orange one. I knew right away that I wanted to use it to make a Halloween themed onesie. I thought about a cute Halloween saying or something but ended up deciding to just make a basic Jack-o'-lantern face.

I thought it would be a cute and simple little halloween costume paired with a pumpkin hat, or just a cute shirt on its own.

To make it a little more interesting than just a black face on an orange onesie I chose to use patterned iron on that is black with a white pattern.

I will be sharing the crocheted hat pattern soon.

How to Make a Jack-O'-Lantern Baby Bodysuit

You will need:


Cut the face out of patterned iron on. Don't forget to mirror and cut right side down, as well as choosing patterned iron on when you cut. 

Weed your design and then press following the recommended settings for cotton fabric and patterned iron on. Let cool completely before removing plastic transfer sheet. 

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