5 Little Monsters: Come Follow Me 2020- Book of Mormon Study Bookmarks

Come Follow Me 2020- Book of Mormon Study Bookmarks

At church I teach a youth Sunday school Class for 11-18 year old young men and women. With next Sunday being the first Sunday of the new year we will be starting a new study program, this year studying the Book of Mormon.

I thought it would be nice to create some printable bookmarks that I could pass out to the kids in my class to help them keep track of the reading for the lessons each week, both for class and personal scripture study.

And if I was already going to put the time into creating them I figured I might as well share them here so if other people are interested they can print them off as well.

I made two different designs, each in 4 different colors. Basically I just am really bad at making decisions so instead of choosing one color I chose a bunch.

The first style has a watercolor background with a script font. After I made that style (and saved in 4 colors) I decided that it was pretty girly and since I wanted there to be something for everyone so I made a less feminine version. And since the watercolor design was available in 4 colors I decided I might as well add 4 colors of the solid design too.

You can choose to download either the watercolor bookmarks, or the solid bookmarks, or you can download both. Each download Each bookmark is approximately 7" long and 3.5" wide, sized to fit in a standard size set of scriptures.

Click the links below to download Come Follow Me 2020 - Book of Mormon Study Bookmarks

4 Watercolor Bookmarks: blue, purple, teal, yellow

4 Solid Color Bookmarks: navy, black, red, green

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