5 Little Monsters: The Best of 2019 - Top 19 Posts of the Year

The Best of 2019 - Top 19 Posts of the Year

It is always fun at the end of a year to go back and review the things I have done throughout the year. Since we are ending 2019 I decided it would be kind of fun to look through my analytics and see which were the 19 most popular projects I made this year. So counting down from number 19 here are the most popular posts from this year...

19- Crocheted Bear Ornament

This cute little ornament was shared as part of some Christmas in July posts. I loved the way he turned out and I still want to make a little polar bear version. Maybe I will make that and share it next year.

18- V-Stitch Crocheted Spa Set

Several of the top posts were part of crochet alongs, sew alongs, or blog hops, and this is one of those. This spa set was part of the Celebrate Mom Blog Hop and it includes a washcloth, soap saver, face scrubbie, and makeup remover. 

17- Mermaid Tail Pencil Pouch

Back to school is more fun with cute cases to hold your pens and pencils, like these mermaid tail pouches. The self striping yarn adds an extra fun touch. 

16- Cincuenta Scarf

Coming in at number 16 is the Cincuenta Scarf, made with super soft, colorful mohair paired with a creamy white Merino. I loved the colors and texture of this scarf. 

15- Simple Scrunchies Sewing Tutorial

The only sewing tutorial that made the top 19, although to be fair I think I only had a couple sewing tutorials all year. Scrunchies have made a huge comeback this year and they are so easy to make, and the ones with the bows are really cute. They make a great beginner project, and are simple to make gifts. 

14- Ombre Heart Corner to Corner Blanket

Corner to corner is a great technique to use to make graphgans and this simple heart is a great way to get started. I thought the ombre yarn would make a cool background for a solid colored heart. This would make a great blanket for any baby, but especially one born in February. 

13- Burly Spun Bolster Pillow

Making a bolster pillow was on my list of things to try and when I had the opportunity to try out this super bulky wool I thought it would be perfect for this project. The thick roving type yarn made the stitches stand out and create a really great texture for the pillow. 

12- Wattle Stitch Washcloths

These color blocked washcloths were part of the Washcloth Crochet Along. They were made with a sport weight cotton so they are a little more delicate than the washcloths I usually make. 

11- Post Stitch Hat

Number 11 is the first of several hats that will make an appearance on this list. The post stitch hat in one of several patterns that I made based on my Bead Stitch Hat pattern that I shared last year. It was one of my favorite hat patterns ever and I thought it would be fun this year to make some variations. This one switches out the bead stitches for front and back post stitches to give it a different texture. 

10- Unicorn Pencil Bag

Starting of the top 10 is another pencil bag, this one inspired by my unicorn loving 7 year old. Start with a simple white button flap pouch and then add a horn, flowers, ears, and embroidered eyes to make an adorable unicorn pouch. 

9- Frosty Forest Cowl

I chose shades of teal and white to give this scarf an ombre look and the colors paired with the puffy v-stitches reminded me of a forest in the winter. 

8- The Aspen Cowl

The Aspen Cowl was made with super bulky yarn and one of my favorite textured stitches. The super bulky yarn makes this cowl a quick project. 

7- Young Women Theme Printables

When our church announced a new theme for the Young Women in October I decided to make some printables with the new theme. I don't do a lot of printables so I was a little surprised to see this in my top 10. Maybe I need to start doing more this year!

6- Crocheted Flamingo Amigurumi

My crocheted flamingo was probably one of my favorite projects of the year so I was not too surprised to see it made the top 10. This little guy was part of the Softie Crochet Along. Sometimes I have an idea in my head but I'm not 100% sure it will turn out the way I picture in my mind, this was one of those and I was really happy with the end result. 

5- Crossover Crochet Hat

Another hat pattern based that was a variation of the Bead Stitch Hat. This one uses the cable stitch, or the crossover stitch in place of the bead stitch. 

4- Dreamy Diamonds Throw

Another project that was made as part of a crochet along, this blanket was part of the Hygge Home Crochet Along. This soft, cozy blanket is made with Red Heart Dreamy yarn with a simple diamond filet pattern. 

3- Lacy Crocheted Angel Ornament

Number 3 was another Christmas in July project, in fact it happens to be another Christmas ornament.  This little lacy angel ornament is made in one piece by working in the round, folding, and working in specific stitches. 

2- The Aspen Hat

The Aspen Cowl was number 8 and now coming in at number 2 is the matching hat. Also made with the same super bulky yarn this hat works up really fast. 

1- Crossed Doubles Hat

And finally, coming in at number 1 is another hat variation. this one is made with crossed double crochet stitches. This whole series of hats are some of my favorite patterns that I have ever made. 

I have lots of ideas to share this next year and I can't wait to see what the year brings. 

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