5 Little Monsters: Flower Painted Rocks

Flower Painted Rocks

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I am so happy March is here. I know spring doesn't officially start for a couple more weeks, but once we make it to March it feels like spring is here. With a new month also comes a new Team Creative Crafts Collaboration and this month our theme was Spring and Garden. As with every month be sure to scroll down to see the other Spring and Garden crafts shared this week, and enter a fun giveaway!

For my project I decided to make some painted rocks. Painting rocks is a fun craft because it is something you can do with all ages. It can be fun for adults, but kids love it too. To go along with the spring and garden theme I thought it would be fun to paint flowers on my rocks. 

There are lots of different options you can use when painting rocks, paints, paint markers, permanent markers, etc. For these rock designs I chose a combination of acrylic craft paints and a black paint marker. I used the paints to make the basic shapes of the flowers and then after they were dry I went in with the black paint marker and added outlines and details. They were super easy and fun to make. 

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How to Make Flower Painted Rocks

You will need:

  • Smooth clean rocks
  • acrylic craft paints
  • paintbrushes
  • black paint pen


Begin by painting flower shapes on your rocks in the desired colors. Keep the designs simple, you can add details later. Choose rocks to fit the designs that you want, for example a larger round rock can be a bigger full flower like the pink one. A longer skinny rock can be a tall flower like the purple one. 

Set the rocks aside to dry.

When the paint is fully dry go back in and add outlines and details to the rocks. Don't trace exactly around the shapes, but more of a loose outline. 

Let dry. 

Leave them like they are or spray with a sealant to protect your designs. 


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