5 Little Monsters: New Young Women's Theme Printables

New Young Women's Theme Printables

This past weekend was our church's (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) Semiannual General Conference. If you are not familiar with this it is a weekend twice a year where we listen to leaders of our church speak on a variety of topics. Sometimes during conference announcements and changes are made to different programs in the church. Some of the changes announced this time had to do with the Young Women's program (program for 12-18 year old girls).

One of the major changes made was a new Young Women's Theme.

With this announcement I decided to make a couple printable versions of the new theme. I made 2 sizes; bookmarks, and 5x7.

I decided on these sizes because I felt like they would be easy for the girls to look at frequently. The bookmarks can be kept in scriptures, the 5x7 size could be framed or just used as a handout.

I also made 2 styles, mostly because I couldn't decide which one to go with so I decided to just share both. One style comes in 2 colors, the other in just one for a total of 3 different versions.

First is a striped background available in both a pale pink and light gray, with a little temple at the bottom.

The other option is a pink and navy floral version with a simple border and flowers at the bottom.

All 3 styles/colors are available to print in both the 5x7 and bookmark sizes.

When you print them out I recommend using the highest print quality setting, on my printer this is color-fine, you could also use a photo setting. This will make them as clear and sharp as possible.

I printed them on white cardstock so that they were a little thicker and heavier, you could also laminate them to make them longer lasting. The 5x7 size has 2 on a page, the bookmarks have 4 per page.

Click on the links below to download the files:


  1. Thank you for making these available! They are perfect.

  2. These are just what I needed for my sweet girls this morning. Thank you for sharing your talents!